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March of Empires Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How can I acquire more resources?
Resources are generated by economy-related buildings in your city. They can also be gathered from mines on the World Map or from Trading Posts.

How can I build a building?
Tap an empty slot in your city to access the Building List. Choose a building then tap the Build icon.

How can I upgrade a building?
You can do this by selecting a building in your city and then tapping the Upgrade icon. You can upgrade a building if you have reached the building's resource and level requirements.

How can I train my army?
Locate the Barracks building inside your city and tap the Train icon beside one of the units. You can choose the amount of units you want to train. The maximum will depend on the amount of resources you have.

How can I unlock districts in my city?
You can unlock districts by upgrading your Castle. At certain levels, you will unlock extra districts in your city. Every district has its own extra slots that can be used by the player to add buildings.

How can I research technology?
Upgrade your Castle to level 3 to unlock the Academy district. Tap on the Academy and choose from the available research.

How can I hire Adventurers and complete adventures?
When a new Adventurer appears in the Tavern, you can hire them to improve your Adventure Party. Tap on Quests and then on Adventures. From there, you can send your Adventure Party to complete them.

How do I change my Adventure Party members?
You can either tap on the Tavern in your city or tap on the Tavern icon in the Adventures screen. Under Party Members, tap the Customize Party icon to assign members.

How can I get more Energy for my Adventure Party?
In the Adventures screen, tap the "+" icon next to the Energy bar. You can buy the amount of Energy you want to replenish with Gold.

How can I scout an enemy player?
Tap on their city and tap the Scout icon. You can then choose if you want a Standard Scout Report equal to your scout level or a Full Scout Report. After the Scout is sent out, the Scout March will reach the enemy city and generate a Scout Report in the Army section.

How can I attack an enemy player?
Tap on their city and then tap the Attack icon. Afterwards, configure your formation and start an Attack March. Once the March reaches its target, the battle will occur and you will receive a Battle Report.

How can I unlock and upgrade formations?
Formations are unlocked or upgraded by upgrading your Castle.

How can I mine resources on the World Map?
Find a mine and then send an army to gather the mine's resources. If an opponent's army occupies the mine, you can attack them and take control of the mine upon victory.

How can I trade resources?
To trade resources, you need to find a Trading Post. There you can find available trade deals and exchange one resource for another.

How can I control a Region?
You have to join an Alliance. Alliances can conquer Regions and by doing so, you will receive influence, allowing you to unlock Alliance perks and control Regional Structures.

How can I upgrade Regional Structures?
You can send Silver or, if you have permission, use Alliance Silver.

How can I attack a Regional Capital?
To attack a Regional Capital, you need to start a Rally in Regions that are adjacent to any of your Alliance Regions. If your Alliance doesn't control any Regions, you can only send Rallies to Regions that are adjacent to the initial area, called No Man's Land.

How can I heal my wounded units?
Wounded units can only be healed once you have the Temple district unlocked. To heal units, tap the Temple, choose how many units you want to heal and pay for their recovery.

How can I train Faction Units?
You can train Faction Units in the Royal Barracks. The Royal Barracks is unlocked once your Castle is level 15.

How can I switch my faction?
There is an item in the Shop called "Change Faction". If you use it, you will be redirected to the Faction menu, where you will be able to once again choose one of the three factions.

How can I level up my Champion?
You Champion will level up after you gain enough experience. Your Champion gains experience from battles or by completing Quests.

Where can I find Champion equipment?
Equipment for your Champion can be found after depleting a mine or completing big battles. You can also use the Reforge mechanic to destroy 4 equipment items to receive a new, potentially better piece of equipment.

How can I increase my district bonuses?
By constructing more buildings and increasing the level of those buildings.

How can I purchase more Gold?
You can tap the Bundles Shop icon and buy a bundle pack. All packs contain both Gold and additional items.

How can I purchase more resources?
All resources can be bought from the Shop with Gold or by tapping the "Get More" icon when you lack resources. You can also tap on the top Resource Bar to buy any of the available resources there.

How can I purchase Speed-Ups?
All Speed-Ups can be bought from the Shop with Gold.

When do the Daily Urn and Alliance Chests appear?
The Daily Urn timer increases after each time you collect; it resets after you collect it several times. The Alliance Chest resets once per day.

How can I play the lottery?
You can play the lottery for free or buy lottery tickets. The lottery is a dice game that provides great rewards.

What is VIP?
VIP provides bonuses for players with an active VIP status. You receive VIP points every day that you can use to level up your VIP status. A higher-level VIP status provides even better bonuses after activation..

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