Thursday, August 13, 2015

LINE Toys Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What kind of game is LINE TOYS?
LINE TOYS is a puzzle game in which you try to solve all kinds of Stages in order to catch up to the evil wizard that stole Edward the inventor's toy making machine.

How do you play this game?
The aim of the game is to get points by lining up 3 or more Dolls of the same Character in a row horizontally.

What are Gems?
Gems are the currency used for buying Coins and Hearts in the game. You can buy Gems at any time just by tapping on the + button next to the Gems counter at the top of the screen. It will take you to the Shop where you can purchase Gems.

What are Coins?
Coins are one of the in-game currencies used for buying items and other things.

What are Hearts?
Hearts are like the "tickets" that you need to be able to play the game. 1 Heart will be consumed every time you play 1 game.

How much time does it take for Hearts to regenerate?
1 new Heart will regenerate every 15 minutes up to a maximum of 5 Hearts.

How can I buy Hearts?
You can buy Hearts just by tapping the + button next to the Heart counter at the top left of the screen. It will take you to the Shop where you can purchase Hearts. You can also receive Hearts by inviting other users into the game, or as presents from your friends.

How can I invite my friends to play?
Tap on the people icon located in the bottom right of the screen and you will see a page with a list of all the friends you can invite to the game.

What are Characters?
Every Character has a different special Skill that will activate during the game. To know more about each Character, access the Character screen by tapping the small Brown icon at the bottom right of the screen.

What are Character Skills?
Character Skills activate after matching a certain number of Dolls. The Skill Meter displays the  number of Dolls required to activate the Skill.
When you get a Character that you already own from a Capsule Toy, it will give experience which will upgrade that Skill. The Skill will level up once you amass a certain amount of experience.

How can I change my Character?
You can change your Character by going into the Characters page, selecting the Character you want to use in your next game, and tapping on the confirmation button. You can also change your Character by tapping on the Brown icon that shows up in the READY screen.

Can't I change Sally for a different Character?
You can only play as Sally in the game. Train Sally up the way you think is best to clear all the Stages!

How can I level up my Characters?
Keep playing the game and your Characters will level up once you have gained enough experience. The more Dolls you clear in a game, the more experience you get.

How can I get new Characters?
You can get new Characters from Capsule Toys.

What are Capsule Toys?
Getting Capsule Toys is how you get new Characters.
There are two types of Capsule Toys, Normal Capsules and Premium Capsules.
- Please note that it is possible you may get doubles of Characters you already own.
- If you get a Character you already own, it will increase that Character's Skill experience.
There's a Gate stopping me from going to the next Area.
You will need to unlock Gates to reach new Areas. You will have to use Stars, Gems or Friend Points to unlock them.

What are Friend Points?
Friend Points (FP) are points you need to open the next Area. You can obtain FP by doing the following.
1. Send Hearts to your Friends (5 FP).
2. Invite a Friend (30 FP).
3. Send a Heart in response to a Friend who sent you a Heart (1FP).

Please note that all the FP you have at the time will be consumed when you unlock a new Area (This also applies to when Gems and Stars are used to unlock a new Area.).

What is Doll Dash mode?
It is a kind of bonus time, where for a set period of time, an area of 3x3 is cleared whenever you match Dolls. This mode is triggered when the Doll Dash Meter at the bottom right of the screen is filled by you matching Dolls.

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