Wednesday, August 12, 2015

CM: All-Stars Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Build Your All Star Squad
In Champ Man All Stars you can create your very own team full of All Star players and compete against the world to prove you are the best manager.

All Star Ranking
Every match you play in All Star mode will affect your Ranking points. You can compare your ranking points against your friends and the world via the leaderboards Once you have enough experience in the game you may be invited to opt into the All Star cup, where only the best of the best compete.

World Tour
Put your All Stars through their paces as you compete against real world teams from around the world. In this mode you will need to beat 3 teams in a row to advance to the next stage. Once you beat stage ‘I you will have proven yourself worthy of qualification into the global leagues. World Tour games are available to play at any time in between your scheduled matches, so you are never stuck for something to do.

Once the first stage of World Tour is complete all teams will be placed in a league with managers at the same level. Every team will play the other teams twice in the league, with league matches occurring once per day. At the end of the season the top 6 teams will be promoted to the next level.

League Cup
At the end of the season each team will also be placed in a 128 team league cup
competition. This is a one-legged straight knock out competition.

All Star Cup
Once eligible, the team will be invited to opt into the All Star Cup. This is a competition only for the best of the best at your level. There will be a 3-day qualification period where you will be given a target All Star ranking to reach. The first 32 players to reach this will qualify for a straight knockout cup competition. If not all 32 places are filled then the highest rated teams will qualify.

Vs Matches
In between regular scheduled matches you can also take part in one off matches
either against random opponents, or arrange friendlies.

You can put your team through training sessions to earn training points, which can then be used to improve the skills of your players, help them learn new positions or learn new set piece skills-

Players can be bought and sold either direct via the scout network or via manager-to-manager auctions. During the first level of the World Tour you are free to buy and sell players from the scout network as many times as you want. Once qualified for the league, transfer tokens are required in order to buy and sell players.

Match Contracts
The players will use 1 Match Contract for every match they play in, with further Match Contracts being paid for with Contract Tokens. If you find a player is indispensable to your team you may want to buy a permanent contract for them The better a player is the more expensive the Match Contracts will be.

If you want to give your team a helping hand, you can buy upgrades. These can be match day boosts; hiring staff or improving club facilities. The match day boosts will directly increase player performance for a number of matches. The staff will either boost transfer funds income or improve the efficiency of training sessions. The facilities can provide boosts to funds, increase the amount of training points received or help keep players fit and healthy. Facilities take time to construct but the benefits are permanent- Coins and Stars are required to buy upgrades or perform training.

Rewards and Daily Bonus
You will receive rewards for every match your team plays and for returning to the game each day. If you are present to watch your match you will give your team a performance boost and earn more rewards. You will get an even greater boost if you get your friends to support you in match.

Send and receive gifts of Training Points, Transfer Tokens, and Contract Tokens. You can send 1 gift per day to each of your friends in game.

You can chat to your fellow league managers by opening the tab on the left of the screen on the Summary, Manage and Play Menus. You can I opponents and supporters in match a so chat to your by pressing the chat box on the right of the screen. Please be respectful of other managers.

Survival Mode
Once you have qualified for the league you will also unlock Survival Mode. This mode is separate from your All Star Team and lets you instantly play matches against other users. For a small entry fee you get to select a team from the top 1000 players in the game_ For each squad member you will get to choose from 3 randomly selected players. Once your squad is ready you will be matched up against other managers for a one off match- The winner increases their win count and the loser loses a life. Losing all 3 lives means this entry into Survival Mode is over, but if you continue to rack up the wins you can earn big rewards. All rewards earned in Survival Mode can be used in All Star mode and players in Survival Mode do not cost any tokens to buy or play.

Tournament Mode
Tournament mode is also unlocked after qualifying for the league in All Star mode. In Tournament mode you can get together with a group of other managers and all compete on an equal footing no matter what your current manager level is. Each manager is given the same transfer budget to build a complete squad, with participants being split into groups of 4 to compete in a mini league. The top 2 from each group will advance to a straight knock out competition, with the top teams getting a split of the prize pool. All rewards earned in Tournament Mode can be used in All Star mode and players in this mode do not cost any tokens to buy or play.