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Dragon Quest Monsters SL Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light or DQMSL Guide

Completing Quests
To complete a quest, simply make it out of the dungeon alive. You will be rewarded with experience and gold coins.
Clear every quest in an area, and you'll receive a 100-gem bonus.

Pal Points
Players who provide pals will be rewarded for their services to the spirit of friendship with pal points. If a non-friend provides a pal, you will both earn 5 pal points, and if the pal provider is a friend, you'll both earn 10 points.

Failing Quests
A quest is failed if your party gets wiped out.
The stamina spent will not be restored, and you will be returned to your Paddock.
But don't despair - if you get wiped out, you can pay a traveling priest to resurrect your monsters with full HP and MP, allowing you to keep on questing.

You can assign four overall tactics for your monsters to follow in automated Al battles.
Be sure to choose the right one for the situation.
‘Show No Mercy‘ will cause your monsters to inflict as much damage as possible, with no regard for their HP or MP. ‘Focus on Healing‘ will make HP restoration your team's top priority, ‘Don't Use Spells' Abilities‘ does just what it says, and ‘Fight Wisely’ will cause your party to strike a careful balance between attacking and healing.

Ability Combos
Perform two spells or abilities of the same type consecutively, and they will form a chain, or ‘combo’.
A combo of two will boost the effect by x1.2, a chain of three boosts the effect by x1.3, and so on.
The maximum chain length is 5. If a spell or ability fails, or an enemy attacks, the combo count will stop there.

Victory Conditions

A battle is won when all enemy monsters‘ HP reaches 0, and lost when all your monsters‘ HP reaches 0.
If 10 rounds pass without a winner being decided, both you and your opponent will be deemed to have lost.
If you do not complete a battle correctly, you will be deemed to have lost.

Consecutive Login Bonuses
Try to log in every day, as the more times in a row you manage to do so, the more amazing rewards you'll receive! Don't forget, though - the login day starts at 4AM.

Cumulative Login Bonuses
Be sure to log in as often as you can, as you'll earn all kinds of amazing prizes the more times you manage to do so.

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