Friday, July 31, 2015

Angry Birds 2 Tips Cheats - Strategy Guide for Android iPhone Game

Beginner Tips for Angry Birds 2

Tip #1: Daily Quest
Complete quests every day to claim rewards!
Current Daily Quests in-game, might changed when you unlock higher levels:

  • Pop 30 Pigs
  • Play the Arena
  • Collect 10 Stars
  • Send a Gift

Tip #2: Daily Gift
You can received some gems daily when you play angry birds atleast one level per day.
You can double the rewards by watching a video ads.

Tip #3: Early Bird
Early supporter prizes up for grabs! But you need to complete first chapter to claim.

  • Free Gems
  • Exclusive Avatar
  • Exclusive Leaderboard Avatar
  • Exclusive Tutor Bird

Available till August 13, 2015

Tip #4: Golden Pig
Pop the Golden Pig to instantly fill the destructiometer!

Tip #5: Score Strike Always
Score Strike to boost your destructiometer and increase your total score.

Tip #5: Destructiometer
When the destructiometer fills, you will obtain a new card, more cards more ammunition to kill enemies and increase your total score too!

Tip #6: Birds has unique abilities and strengths.
For Strengths:

  • To know your birds strength, you need to tap and aim(hold) and watch those shining objects. Those objects are strong points on your bird, so hit them with you bird.

For Abilities:
All birds has different abilities, you need to use them efficiently and practice the timing as well.

Tip #7: Play with friends
Connect your Facebook account to angry birds 2 and enjoy the benefits below:

  • Compare your Score
  • Get 70 Gems
  • Help each other out with gifts.

Tip #8: Out of Cards?
Watch a video ads to get a free bird or pay 60 gems.