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Brave Quest by IGG Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Elemental Dynamics

There are eight elements that make up the world of Eidos. Almost every living being in this world, Hero or enemy, is aligned with one of them. Elements are generally strong against one other element and weak against another. Understanding their dynamics will help you get the most out of your team. Let's take a look below at seven of them.

Fire, Water, Earth, Air
These four elements are the most commonly found in Eidos. Water is strong against Fire, Fire is strong against Earth, Earth against Air, and Air over Water.

Light, Dark
Less common are the Light and Dark elements which share an unusual relationship. Light-aligned beings deal extra damage to Dark-aligned beings and vice-versa. Neither element has a particular resistance against any other element.

Arcane is a rare element shrouded in mystery. While the Arcane element does not enjoy any bonuses in damage against other elements, it doesn’t suffer from any elemental weaknesses either.

Study the elemental alignments of your enemies and assemble your squads accordingly. Customizing your squad to suit the challenges ahead will give you an edge in every battle.

The World of Brave Quest

Heroes - This is where you can view your roster of Heroes, enhance and evolve them, assemble your squad, and customize their equipment.

Eidolons - Summoning Eidolons is a core feature of the Brave Quest. Tap here to manage your Eidolons, enhance and evolve them, and develop their skills. Raise them well and they’ll make all the difference in battle.

Friends - View your list of friends here, exchange gifts, and receive supplies. Your friends might even assist you in unexpected ways.

Summon - Summon Heroes and assemble your dream team. They come in all shapes and sizes. Find out what fate has in store for you.

Campaign - Begin an epic journey, relive and rewrite the history of Eidos with renowned Heroes, and learn how to prevent the dark future that awaits everyone.

Divine Arena - The arena is where Heroes become legends. Match your strengths against other Heroes of Eidos and see where you stand!

Homestead - This is your stronghold and a vital part of Brave Quest. Here you can concoct potions, forge equipment, and harvest supplies in preparation for the adventures ahead. You can also revisit past events and view your Achievements here.

Chaos Gate - The Chaos Gate is filled with an assortment of event dungeons, each brimming with treasures like EXP items, evolution materials, Gold, Shards, and more. Most of all, you can win exclusive Heroes available nowhere else.

These are just a few of the features Brave Quest has to offer. Dive into the world of Eidos to find out what other secrets are waiting for you.

Materials, Potions & Items

There are materials that drop as loot throughout Campaign battles that, while not consumables, are essential to concocting potions or forging equipment.

To create potions or new equipment, visit the Alchemy Labs or Armory in your Homestead where you can use materials from your adventures to craft items that will come in handy in a fight.

Hero Enhancement & Evolution

As you play through the Campaign and Chaos Gate, you might pick up a few Heroes to add to your roster. Newly recruited Heroes tend to start off weak. With enhancements or evolution, they have the potential to be your best units!

Heroes gain EXP not from winning battles but rather by consuming enhancement items or by sacrificing other Heroes.

As a Hero’s level increases, so will its stats and skills. It’s important to level up new Heroes obtained from spending Unity Points or Gems.

First, tap “Heroes”, followed by “Enhance Hero.” Select a Hero to enhance and then tap the empty pedestals surrounding the Hero to select sacrificial Heroes. Anything sacrificed will be permanently removed from your stable of Heroes. Tap “Enhance” to complete the process. The amount of EXP earned from the enhancement depends on the level and rarity of the sacrificed Hero or Heroes. Bonus EXP is granted if the sacrificed Heroes share the same element as the enhanced Hero.

Once a Hero reaches its max level, you can evolve it. By using special materials, you can evolve your Hero to a higher grade, granting it vastly improved stats and skills. Reaching maximum level is not the end of a Hero's journey thanks to Evolution.

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