Monday, August 3, 2015

Chaos Dynasty Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Coins: Used to upgrade Gear. buy items and participate in events. Can be earned in battle or by completing quests. using items or by using Coin Swap
Gold: Can be used to buy items which cannot be bought with
Coins, it can even be used to buy Coins. Gold is used to clear cool downs and will allow you to make progress quickly.
Energy: Used to participate in battles. to loot resources, to challenge boss fights etc.
Glory: Used to upgrade Generals and items to make them more powerful.

You need experience to level up. You can find experience at Story Battles, Expert Battles, events and quests.

Earning Money
Coins: Can be earned in Stow Battles, Expert Battles, Raids,
Events. using Coin Tokens, Sign in and Quests.
Gold: Can be acquired by recharging, by completing quests or by buying a Month Pass.

Battle Power
Generals: At the General Recruitment page. you can recruit powerful Generals.
Glory: Used to upgrade Generals. can be earned through Story
Battles. Expert Battles. Arena. Events. using Glory Tokens, Sign In and completing Quests.
Gear: Can be found at Story Battles and the Shop. You can use
Coins to upgrade Gear and to increase your stats.
Evo Orb: When your General reaches a certain level. you can use Evo Orbs to evolve the General to a higher grade for better stats. Evo Orbs can be found at Story Battles. Expert Battles.
Events. the Shop, Card Draw. Sign In and Quests.
Forge Stone: Used to upgrade Gear Grades to get better stats. Can be earned at Expert Battles, Events. Card Draw. the Shop. Sign In and Quests.
Soul Orbs: Can increase all Generals' Battle Power. Materials can be found at Story Battles and the Shop which then can be used to fuse Orbs.
Gems: Can be mounted onto Gear to increase stats. Can be found at Card Draw, the Shop, Events and the Arena Shop.

Battle Grid

When you face an opponent. both sides will first attack the first row of the battle grid.
Make sure to place lancers or riders with good DEF and HP stats in the front.  Place low DEF and HP
Generals like archers in the back so they can deal high damage to enemies.
You may also include a General with healing skills in your army to ensure survival.

Attack (ATK): determines dealt damage, the higher this stat, the higher your skill damage and healing power.
HP: influences the overall number of the Genera|' s HP.
Defense (DEF): influences received damage, the higher this stat. the lower the damage received.
Charm (CHA): influences the General’ s ATK. HP and DEF. the higher the Charm, the higher all stats.
CRT Critical: influences the critical damage rate of the General' s attack.
Evasion (EVA): influences the chance of evading normal attacks.
Accuracy (ACC): influences the accuracy of normal attacks
Attack Speed (ATK SPD): influences the General’ s attack order.
Skill CRT: influences the chance of a Critical hit from skills.
Block (BLK): influences the chance of blocking an attack.
Break (BRK): reduces all damage dealt to General.
Counter (CNT): influences counter attack rate.

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