Monday, August 3, 2015

DragonSoul Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

DragonSoul Helpful Events
Celebrate the start of your adventure with these limited time events:

Event #1: Double Diamond Deal
Your first purchase will give you twice as many Diamonds as usual... make it count!

Event #2: Bonus Bonanza
The first time you purchase any given Backage from the store, you’ll also receive a big helping of onus Diamonds!

Event #3: Dark Dracul Deal
Buy any package worth $4.99 or more during your first week and receive 30 Dark Dracul Soulstones to instantly summon a dragon to fight for you! As a bonus, receive 1 XP Flasks!

Event #4: Team Level Challenges
If you reach Team Levef 10 in your first week, you'll earn: 0 Diamonds(s), 5 XP F|ask(s), 5 Iron Ore(s). Fieach Team Level 30 by the end of your first week and you ALSO get: 200 Diamonds(s), 5 XP Phi ter(s), 5 Copper Ore(s).

Event #5: Sign-In Rewards

Sign in every day to get even more rewards! Rewards get better each day and new rewards are offered every month!

Event #6: Welcome Week Wonders

As a new player, DragonSoul will reward you a different reward every day for an entire week! Stop by every day to collect your reward.

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