Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Angel Stone Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What are Angel Stones?
Angel Stones are the remnants of Angels fallen in battle. These stones, when collected, allow you to access powerful magical abilities.
As you progress, you can gather more Angel Stones to increase your skill rank.

    Skill Name: Here we can see the name of the skill. To the right of the skill name you can see each skill’s elemental property.

    Skill Rank: The amount of stars indicates the skill’s rank. All skills start at rank 1 and can be upgraded if you find enough Angel Stones of that type.

    Skill Level: You can level up skills using gold, however your skill level cannot be higher than your Hero level.

    On the left, the Angel Stone’s color indicates what type of skill it is (red for active, blue for summon, green for passive). On the right is a tracker so you can gauge how many Angel Stones of that type you have to collect until you can increase that Skill Rank.

What is Stamina? How do I get more of it?
Whenever you participate in a mission you expend Stamina. Saving the world from ancient evil is tiring work, and so you’ll find yourself expending a lot of Stamina in the process!
There are three types of Stamina, “Story”, “Battle Zone”, and “Party Raid” for each of the game modes. Don’t worry if you find yourself running out of one kind of Stamina, you can play other game modes while you wait for your Stamina to recharge. Your stamina gradually recharges, 1 point every 10 minutes, or if you’re anxious to jump back in the fray, you can buy Stamina with carats!

What is my Armor Rating, why is it important and how do I improve it?
Your Equipment Rating indicates how good the quality of your equipment is. The better the equipment you have, the higher your rating is.
It’s important to keep track of new mission’s equipment rating on the Mission Info menu so you can see if you’re ready for the challenge ahead!

How do you obtain 'S-Rank' on missions?
Click on the top left of the mission select screen and look for the orange heading, "S Rank Requirements" each mission has its own requirements so be sure to double check if you're having difficulty obtaining S Rank!

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