Thursday, August 6, 2015

Farmer Sim 2015 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Harvesting Beginner's Guide

Attach the PLOW with your tractor. Just let the back of your tractor touch the front of the plow.

Go to the field and start plowing. Press the Plowing button to start plowing but you need to go in the field for the plowing button to appear. Press auto button for automatic plowing.

After you just finished plowing, take the seeder and sow it with wheat!

After you finished sowing it! The plants will be growing instantly.

Switch to your Combine and attach the wheat harvesting head to your combine. Go to he harvesting head and just touch the front of your combine to the harvesting head to "combine".

Go to the field and start Harvesting it. When the Combine is full switch back to the tractir and attach the trailer.

Go to the Combine and position the trailer on the combine's left side to unload it.

Now the trailer is full! Take it to the sell point to earn some money.

Take your trailer to the unload point to sell you harvest!

You can also get 1000$ when you share your harvest achievement to your Facebook account.

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