Tuesday, August 4, 2015

4x4 Jam HD Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tip #1: Re-Play previous levels to earn money
If you can't beat your current level and want to earn more money, then you should play with previous levels to earn money.
There will be an entry fee for every previous levels you want to play, so it is important to get 3 stars all the time to maximize your income potential.
There are 4 types of game modes, each has unique of set of rules. Jam is the easiest to play with and you can easily beat the level compared to the other modes.
You just only need to remember which route is the shortest to the finish line and you will get 3 stars most of the time.

Tip #2: Double your rewards by watching a video ad
You can double your rewards if the ads are available. Ads are limited only until it is available, it takes minutes or hours for the ads to be available again, depending on what country you are and the ads availability.

Tip #3: Master the game modes
You can restart the level without paying the entry fee so don't worry if you make a mistake at the early phase of the level, just restart and do it again.
Some game modes are difficult and it takes a good early start, so feel free to restart if it is needed.

Here are the Game Modes:


  • Race from start to finish on a marked route.
  • Don't Miss any checkpoint.
  • Cross the finish line first.


  • Gate Hunt race on an offroad environment.
  • Reach all gates before your opponents do.
  • Cross the required number of gates first.

Track Race

  • Standard race of an off road track.
  • Don't Miss any checkpoint.
  • Cross the finish line first.


  • Collect the most geocaches.
  • The Compass shows the nearest geocaches.
  • Collect the required number of geocaches first.

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