Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Queen of Three Kingdoms Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Mid Stage: Lv. 21-30 Guide

It’s very hard to defeat Ma Teng at the end of Lv. 7-12. It would be much easier if you get Guan Yu after 1st charge. Without Guan Yu, you can get Dong Zhuo from the 2nd login day gifts (you’d better upgrade her to Lv. 25 or above), go to previous stages, upgrade, and reincarn by getting 4-star souls.

Friends function unlocks at Lv. 25. You can send generals to work for friends. It’s advantageous that you send high-price generals to work for high-VIP-Lv. friends to get God Dan.

Blood Battle unlocks at Lv. 26. You must pass it for its glorious rewards.

Continue scrape, challenge battle and upgrade until you get 500+ ingots.

Don’t waste treasure hunt times. Every coin is important to you.

Challenge Han Dang at Lv.8-15. You can spend 499 ingots to push Han down.

Enemies at Lv.8-15 are strong and powerful. It’s suggested that generals at the price of 3600+ are more likely to win.

Later Stage: Lv. 30+ Guide
With Stage 1-7 perfect pass rewards and reincarnate rewards for 8 3-star Generals, you can get 95 tokens; you can totally get 99 tokens through reincarnating 4-star Generals. Go to the Recruit page and click Token for Generals; Jiangdong Pioneers will be the best. Huang Gai is the best and can combine with Han Dang at once.

Coins in early stages are in shortage. You should save them for the coin instance of limited-time instances with extra VIT.

You can get Huang Gai in the first capture event in 14-13.

You can get Zhou Tai in the first capture event in 16-14.

You can get Cheng Pu in the first capture event in 20-13.

Per pushing needs 699 ingots. Please save ingots in advance.

So you can get a basic 5-person fetter lineup.

After that you can get the 2nd group (Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Cao Ren, Xu Chu, Dian Wei) from feat shop by increasing feats in country war.

It’s difficult to win country war at first. You can get stable earnings by donating crops in country science.

Gathering 5-star equip by robbing. It’s suggested to check General skills, and try to trigger equip debris of Gneral skills by robbing.

General sacrifice unlocks at Lv. 50. Early anger of Generals will increase after sacrifice.

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