Thursday, June 25, 2015

LINE Wooparoo Saga Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I use Auto Mode?
Auto Mode is only available for stages you have already cleared.

- Auto Mode automatically deploys Wooparoos and  activates skills.
- Auto Mode is not available during Assault battles.

How do I use Wooparoo Skills?
Wooparoo Skills
- When a skill is ready during battle, it will be activated automatically. Each skill's cooldown time (the time it takes for a skill to recharge and become usable again) differs.
- You can view each Wooparoo's skills by viewing the Wooparoo's information window in Storage.

Rare Wooparoos receive higher stat increases than regular Wooparoos when you enhance them.
- Rare Wooparoos: +5% stat increase (compared to regular Wooparoos:
- Super Rare Wooparoos: +10% stat increase (compared to regular Wooparoos:

Daily Quests
- The Daily Quest is reset at midnight and is your chance to get rewards every day!
- Daily Quest rewards must be claimed before midnight or they will disappear.
- The Daily Quest will be held once every day, and their rewards can be received only once per day.

Login Bonuses
You will receive a login bonus the first time you log in each day between midnight and 11:59pm (GMT+8).
If you haven't received your login bonus for the day even though it's past midnight, please try restarting the app.

- Login bonuses are sent directly to your Inbox.
-Login bonuses will be delivered at 11pm (GMT+8).

Uses of Food
- Enhancing Wooparoos: Feed Wooparoos Food to level them up.
 1) Choose a Wooparoo to enhance.
 2) Tap on the Enhance button.
 3) Select which Food to use and tap on the Enhance button.

- Getting Mana Orbs: You can sell Food for Mana Orbs by going to Storage >> Sell Food.

Gotcha Types
- You can acquire new Wooparoos by using the Gotcha feature in LINE Wooparoo Saga.
- There are two different types of Gotchas, Premium and Friendly.

1) Premium Gotcha: Use Gems to get a 4 to 7-star Wooparoo.
2) Friendly Gotcha: Use Friendly Points to get Food or a 1 to 2-star Wooparoo.

Booster Items
You can use booster items to increase the EXP you receive.
Boosters can be bought from Store >> Boosters, and can be activated by using the item you receive in your inbox.

Booster Item Types
- Player EXP Booster: Increases the amount of EXP you receive.
- Wooparoo EXP Booster: Increases the amount of EXP your Wooparoos receive.

Using an EXP booster when you already have one that is currently activated will extend the countdown timer of the booster.

Viewing a Booster's Remaining Time
- You can view the time remaining on an EXP Booster from the Stage Map.

- Boosted time lost by using Booster Items before maintenance will not be compensated. Please keep this in mind so that you do not waste any of the duration of your Boosters.
- Compensation for emergency maintenance will follow the above rule. Booster Items that were active during emergency maintenance will not be compensated.
- Using more than one Booster at once will only extend the duration of the boost, not the amount of EXP boosted.

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