Thursday, June 25, 2015

Siegefall Gameloft Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Why are some buildings or upgrades locked? How do I unlock them?
The Keep, is the core building of your Kingdom and controls your progression! By upgrading it, you will unlock new buildings. Buildings that unlock Troops, Heroes, Traps or Upgrades can be found in the Build Menu, under "Special"

I received many Runes of the same type, do they stack?
When you receive a new Rune of the same type it will be visible and put on "hold" until the previous Rune runs out. One Rune is applied at a time.

What is the use of the ''Instant'' button in the upgrade panel?
The button allows you to build or upgrade two elements at the same time by spending a certain amount of gems. This action will not use any of the resources in your storage buildings.

My building is upgrading and now I can no longer use the functions this building offers, why?
Some buildings will be unavailable during an upgrade. It's full functionality will return at the end of the upgrade timer. You cannot recruit new Troops on an upgrading battle camp. But the Troops that are already trained can be brought to battle. Resource production buildings will stop producing resources during an upgrade. It is also impossible to upgrade the Workshop or a Troop at the same time.

I can command my hero multiple times, but not my Troops, why is that? Troops are not as mighty as Heroes. They will obey your first command but after that their AI will take over and dictate their battle strategy. When their target is destroyed, they will find a new target and move towards it. You can use the Command card to redirect them at a pivotal moment in the battle.

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