Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Final Fable Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Starting Tips
As you first enter in the game. Finish ASAP the tutorial so you can act freely.
The second thing you want to do is to click your Avatar, choose a name and LINK your account to avoid losing any data.
Keep an eye on the EVENT menu. The IGG staff always gives us fairly good events.
Look for giveaway codes on FF's Facebook page or here in the forum and claim it.
Give your refer code (found on the bottom of your avatar menu) to new players so you can claim lots of rewards.
Use another player refer code (mine is 3VC95E if you don't mind) on your account so you can also claim another reward.

Leveling Tips

Doing quests is the faster way to level up until you're level 45+.
Do RIFT's as much as possible after finishing your daily quests. Always aim for the heroes you need more shards.
Finish the Normal Story Mode asap so you can claim one Chaos Tome for a chance of a 3*+ hero.
If you're low on Stamina you can fight the Arena NPC's for some extra energy.
Do not focus on leveling one hero at a time, having a team level 30 is better than having one level 40 and the rest level 10.

Story and Quest Tips

Always pay attention to the tips in the story mode, look at the enemies you'll face and build up a team to counter it.
Only do Elite Story Mode after you finish the Normal Story mode, do not rush it unless you need items from one of them.
Heroes have a lot of synergy and combos, look at the combo menu of each hero to see with which one they perform better. It is highly recommended to analise and learn what your skills do and combine a team that will synergize. Building a strategy like, Fast Attacks, AOE Damage, Tanking or Critting.

General Tips

Run the Conquest and Goblin every day for some huge amount of gold coins
You don't need to finish the daily conquest if you're tired of fighting. Just remember to finish and reset in the next day for being able to play again without paying any gem.
Do trial as much as possible since you'll need the items to choose a sub element and promote Heroes.
Claim your mine items every few hours. Since it has a max cap and won't be stacking forever.
Reset a talent every day for 100 gems. You'll win your 100 gems back as a quest reward. Remember that you DON'T NEED to use the talent on the Hero you summoned. You can just click another hero and use the talent on it.
Avoid using Auto Batle and Auto Deploy, the A.I will almost never do the things you want.
To win Sapphires you need to send a mercenary to help a friend's conquest. You can do it through the chat.
Always buy everything you can with Gold in the special shops (Galeria and Tree). The items there are very useful and will be in hand sometime.

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