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Hunger Quest Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Item Pouch
Items are stored in your Item Pouch or Storehouse.
Items in your Item Pouch can be used inside dungeons.
The maximum space available for items in your Item Pouch can be expanded at the Item Store.

Using Potions inside dungeons restores your HP.
In addition to Potions, other items exist that recover HP.

Eating Donuts inside dungeons restores your Stamina.
Donuts come in a variety of flavors, with each restoring a different amount of Stamina.

Special Donuts
Some Donuts possess unique effects.
Also, there are Donuts that aren't palatable enough to recover Stamina, though can instead be sold for a pretty penny.

Synthesizing Materials
There are some items that can't be used as consumable items, but rather serve as valuable material for synthesizing equipment.
Therefore, it is wise to store spare equipment and items in your Storehouse.

Valuable items can be found inside treasure chests in dungeons.
However. keys are required to open them.
Keys can be bought at the Item Store.

Books of Mastery
Buying Books of Mastery grants you a variety of different jobs such as a Warrior and Priest.
Also, buying a Book of Mastery for an already possessed job boosts Mastery for that job.

Job Traits
The following traits differ for each job:
- Max level within dungeon
- Starting HP
- Starting Stamina
' Abilities

Forte Weapons
Each job specializes in the discipline of a weapon type.
For instance, a sword-adept job with a sword-type weapon equipped will be granted an Attack bonus.

Raising Mastery
Raising ajob's Mastery boosts the following traits:
- Max level within a dungeon
- Starting HP
- Starting Stamina
- Abilities
To challenge hard dungeons, upgrading your jobs by raising their Mastery is the key.

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