Sunday, May 31, 2015

Revengers Super Heroes of Kingdoms Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Revengers New Players Guide

1. Get 1 Military order for every 8 minutes

2. Passive skill won’t affect attender, so you will only care about the tech rather than the passive skill of the hero

3. When you getting advance at the arena, after the rival selection, you will have 4s to view your rival formation and if you feel like can’t win your rival, you can try to click on the x on the right upper corner to close the fight but you only got 4s before entering to the formation adjusting interface.( please notice that this act will only avoid you from losing but the arena challenge chance will still being reduce)

4. When you met some rival that you can’t defeat on the arena point accumulation phase, you can direct close the battle when you enter into the formation adjusting interface, you will still get card soul reward and stand a chance to get holy stone.

5. If you have the core  card such like Zhuge Liang or Zhou Yu, you can try to stop upgrade your force at warrior 9, with some benefit like you can go rob manor ,every day can get around 20w of card soul, raid the stage of chapter 1-4 for the blue, black and silver card. Once you get the core silver card, then your force will be boost up quickly.

6. During pvp, the defend side will having more morale then the attack side, the basic morale for defend side will be 4 morale, plus with the bonus from the servant ,normally will be around 6 morale at the early game, and around 7 or above at the late game.

7. During battle, morale will increase 1 point for every 3.3 second

8. You can get free draw for 5 times daily, do remember to draw it.

9. Must assign for daily military order, when you have less card soul, reserve some military order to join the Go Go Richman event, you can get lots of card souls when robbing those rich man, the more higher your total force, the more card souls you can get.

10. That’s many ways to getting the gold card in the game, but the main way to get the core card is by drawing card with diamond, how to well use of your diamond, you need a plan for it.

11. Invite friends to play, join the guild, sharing the info between members, this is what make the Revengers attract players. Remember, we don’t have the strongest hero here; we only have the strongest players, no matter which hero, what kind of formation, have its weakness.

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