Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fallen Souls Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Gold Tips
Town Hall: Use Levy to get much needed Gold!
Campaign: Easy raid, obtain gold easily.
BOSS: Fight Leviathan each day(10am/1pm/9pm/) to get great rewards.

EXP tips
Campaign: Easy raid, obtain EXP easily!
Bounty Quests: Substantial reward for the Bounty Quests, more EXP and more quests!

Honor Tips
Castle Attack: Attack other castles for honor.
Arena: Fair competition, the strong dominate the weak!
Altar: Worship the War Gods to get Honor.

Mercenary Tips
Recruit Mercenaries: A multitude of exclusive kinds of mercenaries to aid you in your quest!
Bloodlines: Activate Bloodlines to greatly increase your mercenary's power.
Train Mercenaries: Training can rapidly increase your Mercenary's level.
Talents: Many special and unique talents to give you advantages!

Item Tips
Campaign: Raid dungeons to easily obtain materials!
Transport Sapphire: Transport Sapphire to be able to Legendary items.
The Forbidden Area: Explore the forbidden area and rid it of the evil forces to get gems and dragon teeth.
Evil's Revenge: Push back the evil forces to get various rewards including dragon blood and shards.

Become Stronger Tips
Upgrade: Upgrading Equipment can greatly increase it's stats!
Refine: Refining can give you a huge bonus to make your Equipment even more powerful!
Enhance: Increase star levels for the most powerful Equipment.
Socket: Socket gems and sweep all.

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