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Superstar Life Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

What exactly is a status?
Status is used for describing your standing, your position in the game. By
making progress in the game, your status will get higher and you'll have a
better salary. Consequently, you can then buy better clothes and much more
You can check your current status by tapping on an icon in the upper right
corner. At the beginning you’ll be a "Newbie", and through the course of the
game you can become Miss Popularity, Celebrity, V.I.P. and Superstar.

Can I travel with the Yacht?
Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment. But a Yacht can be a great
place for parties!

What is the Stand for‘?
Your friend Amanda loves organizing different events, but she needs your
help with it! Help her with the collectibles she requires, and in exchange for
that she'll give you some items!

How can I win at parties with my outfit?
Every piece of clothing has its own styling points. When you visit the party
we'll sum up all the styling points of the clothes that you're wearing and
compare it with those of other partygoers. Let the best outfit win! Keep in
mind that repeating the same outfit in short intervals is not ideal, because
that will lower your style rating.

If I purchase an additional party slot, will I lose it after the
N0, if you buy it, you'll have it forever, and it will give you the ability to host
two, three or four parties at the same time, every time.

How can I invite a friend to a party‘?
To invite a friend to a party or to attend a party, tap on the Party icon which is
located above the Play button. From that menu you can organise a party and
invite friends to it, or accept invitation for a party from your friends. Once
you accept the invitation, you'll have to wait for a party to begin, and then you
can attend it.

What is the referral code, and how can it be used?
Referral codes are entered by new players in the first 24 hours of playing and
ONLY in the first 24 hours of playing. Here's an example of how referral
codes work:
1. You send your referral code to a friend who has never played the game
2. Once your friend installs the game and completes the tutorial, they will
be asked to input a referral code. This is where they will enter YOUR
referral code.
3. You will be rewarded with a Redeem Point for each player who has
entered your code upon completing the tutorial.
4. Once you have collected enough Redeem Points, you can exchange
them for a reward at the Redeem Screen.
Please keep in mind that only one code can be entered by a new player.

Can I post a review on someone else’s diary?
You sure can! If you want to see or rate someone's saved look, all you need
to do is visit that friend and tap on the Diary - there you can see your friend's
saved outfits, comment and rate them!

How can I visit friends?
If you want to visit your friends or send them a text message, simply tap on
the "Play" button and select the "Social" tab. You'll find a list of your friends
under the "Friends" tab, and you can visit any of them by tapping on the
"Visit" button besides the name of a friend you want to visit. If you want to
send a text message to your friend, tap on the mobile phone icon on the
bottom of the screen and send your message. After the first message you
H ll II H
can continue the conversation by tapping on Play and then on Messages

How can I text other people / Friends?
You can send the initial text message by visiting your friend and tapping on
the mobile phone icon on the bottom of your screen. After that you can
continue the conversation with your friend by tapping on the "Play" button
and then on the "Messages".

Why can't I find certain collectibles?
It depends on which collectibles you're trying to find. 1) You can find
collectibles by searching the buildings in the city, but also by working on
your career, attending parties, spinning the wheel at the Carnival and so on
Keep searching!

How can I get social points?
Social points can be obtained in the Community Center, you can earn them
by voting for other people's outfits, or applying on fashion shows with your
own outfit!

Where can social points be used?
Social points can be exchanged for items in the Community Center by
tapping on "Redeem points" or they can be used to raise your skills at the

Are there other ways to earn energy except by buying or
Yes, you can unlock the Spa Center. Inside the Spa Center, once per day, you
can relax in the swimming pool, in the massage chair or at the massage
table. Relaxing will raise your energy! Besides relaxing, you can also buy
bikinis at the Spa Center, or try new hairstyles, change the shape of your lips
and even more!

How can I get my skill levels up?
Skill points can be earned at several places in-game. You can gain Social
Points through dating, and participating in fashion shows at the Community
Center. Body points can be earned in the Gym by selecting certain types of
exercise. All other knowledge skills and skill points can be earned at the
College building.

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