Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Death Moto 3 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Killing/Destroying enemies gains nitro.
Use nitro to chase enemies and destroy them to gain nitro, just repeat the process until you reach at the finish line.
Using nitro makes your mission more easier by killing/destroying enemies at faster rate compared to not using nitro.

Skins doesn't improve your character and most skins are very expensive and payable only with gems.
However there is one skin that you can obtain in daily rewards at day 12.

Gun + Melee Combo
Use your gun to reduce the health of your nearby enemy until you can kill them with 1 melee strike.
This will avoid using a lot of melee strikes to kill the enemy. We already know that when we trade strikes with another enemy player, we will receive some damage from them.
Do this if your Melee and Gun weapons cannot kill enemies by one hit.

Gun Purchasing Guide
If you don't want to buy guns using gems then save your coins and buy the third gun directly without buying the second gun.

Melee Purchasing Guide
If you don't want to buy Melee weapon using gems, it is better to buy powerful guns first because the cost of the 4th melee weapon is very expensive (640000)

Moto Purchasing/Upgrade Guide
Upgrade your default Moto first before buying any new Moto. Upgrade them until it reaches it's limit. When you have the max upgrade for HP, N20 and Speed, look for the next moto to buy and compare the stats of your current moto and your next moto.
It should be greater than your current moto because when you buy a new moto, your past upgrades won't be carried to your new moto so you need to look for a new moto that has a greater default stats than your previous max upgrades stats.

Strike Cheat
You can strike the enemy with your melee weapon and avoiding the enemy strike at the same time.
Just go to nearby enemy but don't past them. You need to advance your front wheel and let it touch to the left/right side of your enemies back wheel.
The enemy player will strike at you but you won't receive enemy damage because their strike cannot reach you while your strikes can damage them.

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