Tuesday, May 26, 2015

EarthCore Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Introduction to Earthcore
Every journey starts with a first step.
Learn the basics now and become a pro in no lime!

Red Fire beats Green Earth beats Blue Water beats Red Fire.
Colorless Dust loses to all Elements.

Each card has a Risk value.
If your card loses, you take damage equal to its risks.

Water Flood vs Fire Goblin with 6 Risk points. Those who have the Fire Goblin card will lose 6 health points.

Skills should be an essential part of your strategy!
Do not underestimate their importance.

Manual Skills: Tap to see description and to activate it. Most skills need to be manually activated.
Instant Skill and Passive Skills: These skills activate automatically.

Using the right skills at the right time can utterly change the situation to your benefit.

Accumulated Deadlock Risk can be deadly. Fight for it.
Deadlock will trigger if the elements are both the same. Their risk adds up to the same card placement.

Risk Multiplier
The x2 Mulitplier can change the tide of battle!
It doubles the damage dealt in the column but beware as it reverses every Round!

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