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Ice Age Avalanche Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Ice Age Avalanche Guide

Making Matches
Move tokens vertically. horizontally and diagonally to make matches of 3 or more tokens of the same type.

Match 4 or more tokens to create a Power-Up. Match again or swap with an adjacent Power-Up to
activate it.

Earning Stones
Form Power-Ups to earn Stones in the game.

Gold Coins
You can obtain Gold Coins by purchasing them from the shop or by progressing through the game.

Earning Stars
Stars are earned by reaching specific scores. Play quickly and efficiently to get clll three stars.

Reduces the board by 1 tile space if it reaches an empty space on the board.

Scoring Points
Reach the target score by making matches. Earn at least 1 star.

Removes any1 token of your choice from the board.

Line Slide
Start the level with 2 Line Slides on the hoard. Combine Power-ups to activate them.

Color Burst
Swap the Color Burst with any adj|acent move-able token to use it. The burst will destroy all tokens of that type!

Hungry Herd
Reach the target number of animals of the herd served. Earn at least 1 star.

Reach the given target score before you run out of moves or time.

Boss Battles!
Capture the target number of tiles by making matches over your rival's tiles or unclaimed tiles each turn.

Fruit Sculptor
Collect the required items in a specified order by matching them Achieve at least 1 star.

Versus Mode
Play live against other players in ferocious one-on-one matches!

Send your friend 1: life by touching the heart. You con also send a life to everyone you know with the Gift All option.

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