Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ball King Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Ball King Guide

High Angle Shot
Execute High Angle Shot only if the ring was placed above the tree. High Angle Shot will give you better accuracy when shooting at high placed ring.
Just place your "aim guide" to the top-left of the board and then create a little bit distance away from the board depending on how near the ring/board is to the player.
High angle shot has a higher chance to execute clean shot compared to the low angle shot.

Low Angle Shot
Execute Low Angle Shot if the ring was placed below the tree. You can also do high angle shot, but it is more difficult to estimate the power of your shooting.
Low Angle Shot is a lot more easier if you need to shot at nearby board/ring because of it's power. You don't need to worry about adjusting your power, the only difficult is the adjusting of your correct angle.

Clean Shots
"Clean Shots" gives you + 3 points. Three Clean Shots in a row and you will get 5 Points for the next shot. Missing a shot or can't land a clean shot will go back to it's 1 point per shot.

High Angle Shot(Wind)
Just adjust your angle, no need to worry about your power.

Low Angle Shot(Wind)
Just adjust your power, no need to worry about your angle.

When choosing a shooting ball, you need to choose the ball with a shape roung. Some shooting balls have unique shape. Unique shapes can change the collision physics when the ball and the ring collides.

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