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Heroes and Castles 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Heroes and Castles 2 Guide

If you deplete your Block Meter, there will be a short delay before you can
block again.

As enemy forces get stronger, you will need an army to aid in battle!
Summoning Bannermen will increase the rate you earn Command Points
which are used to summon units.

With your Bannermen earning Command Points, its time to build an army
to fight beside you.

Running, attacking, and dashing use Stamina. While your Stamina is
depleted, attacks will do less damage.

Quick-Build icons are shortcuts to build your most recently summoned

Make sure to keep spending Command Points on new units - you will be
easily overrun without an army!

When you level up, you will earn one Skill Point to spend on new skills.

Heroes have 3 different classes, each with unique abilities. You are free to
mix and match Skill Points, or specialize in a single discipline.

You can spend Crystals on a variety of things, but first you will need a better weapon.

Defending your castle is only half the battle! You will also need to take
new lands from the enemy in order to earn extra resources, unlock new
units, gain various bonuses and ultimately destroy the enemy's castle.

Choose a land and travel there. If you complete the mission, you will take
the land and establish an outpost, earning bonus rewards as long as you
own it.

Heavy Attacks are different depending on your weapon, but generally cut
through multiple enemies, have a chance to stun, and can break through
enemy shield blocks. _

The displayed stats when dual wielding shows an average of the equipped
weapons. In battle however, each individual weapon will use its own
specific properties when hitting an enemy.

Note the countdown next to lands under attack. This is the number of days
before imminent danger. 1 day is represented by playing one battle, win
or lose. If tbe countdown expires and it's your main castle, you must
defend; if it's an outpost, it will be lost.

Don't forget to summon Bannermen tn increase your Command Points!

Many units have specific roles. Shield Knights, for example, specialize in
destroying ranged units. Try using them to take down the approaching
Skeleton Archers!

When behind your castle walls, your Crystal will heal you. However, you
will heal much slower when enemies are behind your walls as well. Some
units like Priests can also restore health.

You can only have a certain sized army out at any given time. The Boot and
Wall icons show you your current and max population for ground and wall

In addition to crafting equipment, you will also need to upgrade units
Talk to the Master Sergeant to upgrade your units, and see detailed
information about them.

Upgrading units give significant boosts. Different units improve in
different ways, so be sure to learn the ins and outs of all your units before
upgrading - and make sure to upgrade often!

Upgrading your castle is another important part of defending. Speak to
the Castle Engineer to learn more about the Fell Crystal, your castle walls,
and about building defensive towers.

Build permanent defensive towers, as well as
upgrade your Crystal and Walls. Castle upgrades tend to be more
expensive, but they have a greater impact in the battle!

Balancing your Crystals between Equipment, Unit upgrades, Towers, and
Building upgrades will be an important key to victory!

Holding a unit's icon will enable/disable Auto-Build, continuously
summoning them as you accumulate Command Points. You can put several
units on Auto-Build simultaneously, which will cycle through summoning
them in succession.

The Scribe is a character with lots of important tools and information