Thursday, May 28, 2015

Capitals Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Welcome to Capitals Guide!

Words can be spelled using any letter tiles in any order.

Playing tiles that touch or lead back to your own territory will expand it!

Expanding to tiles that touch your opponent's territory will reduce

If the opponent left their Capital Open! knock it out to gain an extra turn.

If you you've got them on the ropes! Knockout their remaining tiles.

You will win if you knockout the remaining  tiles of your enemy.

Playing Tips:

Use the letters that are near with your territories, you may use some other letters that are far from your territories but use them as bridge letters to link more nearby territories.

Make a lot of territories first! Even if your word is just only a 3 letter word. Expanding territorries first is your main priority.

Expanding your territories will much be harder to be defeat than going into the enemies capital as soon as possible.

Make the enemy create "ONE" letter gap between his/her territory to your own territory. Once he/she created an "one letter gap" you will be the first to reduce his/her territory. The first to reduce territory will have an advantage over it's enemy.

If the trading of territory starts, you're new main priority is to go after his/her Capital. If you built a lot of territories before the trading, you will have more advantage over your enemy.

Once you hit the capital, go for the kill but if the enemy survive then go to it's new capital to finish them off.

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