Monday, May 11, 2015

East Legend Cheats Gems: Guide, Tips & Strategy for Android/iPhone Game

Exceed Limit
You can Exceed the Hero's limit by using the same Hero as material when they reach MAX Lv.
The MAX Lv. is increased by 2 every time you Exceed, and you can increase the MAX Lv. up to 5 times.

Set Item
The set effect activates when you equip the required amount of set items.
You can activate more than one set effects at once and you can activate the same effect more than once to accumulate.
Set items are available from Adventure Mode and the Colosseum merchant.

Item Power-up
You can increase the item's basil: stats through Power-ups
You can Power-up up To Power-up Lv. +10 and you need material items to Power-up.

Item Evolution
You can Evolve items with Power-up Lv. +5 to an item of a grade higher.
Normal items can be Evolved to a Set item and vice versa.

Prepare for Battle
You can view the opponent info and rewards before starting the battle
You can take a friend to battle and you need to wait 12 hours to take your friend again.
You can select items to use in the battle.
Auto Skill:Heroes will use their skills automatically.
Reward +1: Increases your chances of getting the Stage Reward.

You can battle against other users in the Colosseum.
You need to reach account Lv. 5 to enter and you can enter up to 10 times a day.
You earn Glory Points for each battle and you can use the earned GP to buy Set items in the Colosseum Shop.
You can steal the opponent's ranking when you win the battle
There are 4 leagues and you can get various rewards according to your rank in the league.

East Legend Cheats

Use any hex editor apps that are available for android/iOS and change the value of HEX Dword to any amount you want.

Gems HEX 89 94 f3 52 Dword

If the codes doesn't work, it is possible that your android version is not compatible with the code I provided above.

Fortunately you can do it manually! To do it manually, just use search function in your hex editor app, enter your current Gems value in East Legend and search for it (choose DWORD) .

If you see a small list of results, example 10. Just edit the value of them one by one until you can find the real HEX!

If you see a large list of result, you need to change the value of your current Gems value in East Legend by either using/consuming or adding it. Go back to the list and find your new current Gems value in East Legend to the large list and  you can now edit the value any amount you want.