Sunday, May 10, 2015

Beast Quest Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Beast Quest Miniclip Tips

Quest Tips
Follow the quests persistently! You can only progress the story if you completely finish it's needed quest.

Map Tips
Always familiarize the map or location, persistence is a must. You may use your enemies on your mini map as you indicators or guides on where to go or where to finish your quests.
Hidden treasures and other quest items can be seen in mini map.
Also look for herbs that will help you regain some of your Health Points and it is free.

Combo Tips
Make a combo to regain some of your health points. You can also earn coins while doing combos

Health, Dodge and Shield Tips
Master you dodge skills instead of using shield to avoid damage.
Resist paying for a full health or repair if not necessary, just master your dodge, pick herbs and level up to regain your lost health points.
Always carry a back up potion for emergency, specially if you are currently at low health or are facing difficult enemies.

Achievements Tips
Get free gems or coins in achievements if you achieve something!

Equipment/Upgrade Tips
Coins are very important in this game, don't impulsively upgrade all of your winter equipment.
Always upgrade your sword equipment up to it's max limit and save your coins for it's next max upgrade.
You may upgrade other equipment as long as you have enough coins for the next level sword upgrades.

Sword Tips
Sword increases your offense but you don't need to worry about your defense as long as you are good evading enemies attacks. Sword can also shorten you battle with enemies. The shorter the battle is, the potential damage you will gain.

Artifacts Tips
Artifacts can be found after killing an enemies, So fight enemies whenever you can!

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