Thursday, May 28, 2015

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

You control a party of up to five characters exploring the game world called Paperoes.
They are seated opposite the Dungeon Master, who unfolds the story-line and describes the game events to the party.

Rolling Dice
Players and enemies often roll a twenty-sided die to find out, whether they are successful in an active task or passive defense. The success range is equal to the rolling character's attribute value. When a die turns a dark, it indicates a failed roll. Most die rolls test, character attributes Body Senses and Mind, but some situations such as traveling use a neutral die unlinked to any attribute.

Gold whether it's travelling or shopping, many game actions require spending some gold. In addition to gaining it as a reward, remember to sell your surplus items for additional gold. Gold is shared between all saved games.

Enemy Selection
Browse your current location's enemies and set up a fight of desired difficulty. The more enemies you fight at once and the more varied they are, the more XP you will gain.

Enemy Positioning
The maximum number of enemies is 7, but larger enemies take up more space. Enemies choose either fron or back row depending on their Mind Attribute: the smart ones hide behind others!

Turn Order
Characters take their actions in a specific order as randomized at the beginning of each battle. The turn order icon can be seen next to all health bars. Having a high initiative improves your chances to act early.

Perform a basic attack against an enemy. Enemies on the back row can't be attacked with basic attacks as long as there are other enemies in front of them. The basic attack icon depends on your equipment.

You can use your characters's skills during battle. Skills are much more potent than the basic attack, but they expend your energy.

Consumables can be used in and out of battle to gain instant benefits such as health and energy restoration.

Take Cover
Taking cover reduced your threat to 0 until next turn. Although this prevents enemies from attacking that character, indirect damage from enemy skills may still reach him or her. The effect is negated if all of your characters take cover at once.

You can escape battles by making a party based Body roll. Each character who fails the roll takes a hit from an enemy. You receive no rewards from escaped battles.

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