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LINE Bubble 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

LINE Bubble 2 Guide

What kind of game is LINE BUBBLE 2?
The goal of the game is to shoot bubbles and pop them by connecting 3 or more bubbles of the same color. The game features multiple stages, and each stage features a different map with a variety of obstacle bubbles.

What are Flames?
Each stage in the game requires 1 Flame to play it. If you have less than 5 Flames, they will be automatically replenished over a certain period of time.

There are other ways to get Flames too. You can buy them with Rubies, invite friends, or ask your friends for them. Invite your LINE friends to play Bubble 2 along with you!

What are Rubies?
Rubies can be bought with real money and are used for purchasing Flames and other in-game items.

What are Coins?
You can purchase certain in-game items with Coins. They are awarded depending on your game scores and can be traded for Rubies.

How can I use items?
The effects of the Bubble +3, Guide, and Shield items are applied immediately upon purchase. The rest of the items can be used manually during gameplay.

What happens if I select an item to use in a stage then don't use it?
Magic Mirrors and Power Punches disappear if you don't use them in the selected stage. Use them when you can!

What kinds of item are there?
LINE BUBBLE 2 offers a variety of in-game items.

- Bubble +3: Lets you throw 3 more bubbles in a stage.
- Guide: Extends the visible paths of thrown bubbles.
- Shield: Exclusively made for the final Boss stage, this item blocks the Boss's special skills up to 2 times.
- Power Punch: Shoots a powerful punch upwards, popping all the bubbles in its path. Careful though, this item cannot remove certain obstacle bubbles.
- Magic Mirror: Lets you select 1 type of a bubble and pop all the bubbles of the same type on the current map.
- Bubble Change: Lets you change the color of the next bubble.
- Hammer: Removes 1 selected obstacle bubble.
- Water Gun: Removes 1 selected bubble and up to 6 more around it. However, it cannot remove obstacle bubbles.

Can I keep playing stages I can't clear?
You can use the Continue option to play one more round of the game to help you clear stages you are having trouble with. When you continue, you can throw 5 more bubbles than you usually can. In Boss stages, the Boss is pushed 3 lines upward.

What is a Buddy?
Buddies are in-game friends that help you out by creating items and adding bonus game points. When you get a Buddy, add it to one of your Buddy slots to activate it. When you collect multiple Buddies of the same kind, they level up and provide more powerful effects.

How do I get a Buddy?
You can get Buddies in different ways depending on the type of Buddy it is.

Currently, Buddies are given as rewards for completing Collections or inviting friends to play BUBBLE 2. There will be more ways to get new Buddies with different abilities in the future.

What can Buddies do?
Each Buddy has different abilities depending on its type. Leonard Buddy creates Bubble +3 items; Sally Buddy creates Water Gun items. More Buddies will be added soon, so stay tuned!

How do I clear Rescue Friends Mode?
The objective of Rescue Friends Mode is to eliminate all the bubbles until you reach the top of the map and rescue Leonard, who has been tied up in a mesh of vines. Clear the stage by rescuing Leonard the required number of times.

What is Carrot Collection Mode?
The objective of Carrot Collection Mode is to collect a certain number of Carrots.

What is Bubble Collection Mode?
The objective of Bubble Collection Mode is to collect only a certain number of a certain type of bubble.

What is Leaf Collection Mode?
The objective of Deco Collection Mode is to pop leaf-covered bubbles (of any type). Feel free to ignore the other bubbles and concentrate on collecting the leaves.

What are Lucky Bubbles?
Lucky Bubbles appear at random in Collection Mode. Lucky Bubble 2 collects 2 Collection items at once and Lucky Bubble 3 collects 3 Collection items at once.
Lucky Bubbles turn into regular bubbles if they are not popped in 2 turns, so pop them as soon as you can!

What is Monster Mode?
A Monster with a lot of HP appears and wanders around the map. Attack the Monster by popping bubbles underneath it. When the HP of the Monster drops down to 0, the stage is cleared! Use Combo Bombs to inflict critical amounts of damage!

What is Boss Mode?
The last stage of each Episode features a Boss armed with a lot of HP and powerful skills. You can attack the Boss by hitting him directly or popping Push Bubbles. Clear the stage by reducing the Boss's HP to 0. Use Combo Bombs to inflict critical damage!

The Boss descends slowly and creates new bubbles in a set pattern. If you fail to pop bubbles or inflict damage on them, they will splash ink everywhere, create obstacle bubbles, or even tie you up with rope! Catch them before they use their skills for evil!

How do I complete Collections?
Clear a stage with a Treasure Chest mark on the map, and you just may find a Collection Material. Each episode has 3 hidden Collections. Collect all 3 Collections to get a special reward that changes for each episode.

What are Missions?
Tap My Profile at the top of the map screen to open the Missions window and check your current list of missions.

There are all kinds of mission objectives available: clear stages, collect Golden Conys, buy items, etc. You will receive rewards when you complete these missions.

What is a Crystal Cony?
Each stage results in a Bronze, Silver, or Golden Cony, depending on your score. Get Golden Conys for all the stages in an episode to win a chance to get the highest rank, Crystal Cony, in the last stage. You know you want this special Crystal Cony, because not everyone can get it!

How can I move on to the next Episode?
There are three ways you can move on to the next Episode.

- Buy Potions with Rubies.
- Ask friends for Potions and get them from 3 different friends.
- Get a Golden Cony for all 15 stages in the current Episode.

What are Stone Bubbles?
Stone Bubbles pop when the bubbles next to them pop.

What are Steel Ball Bubbles?
Steel Ball Bubbles are indestructible bubbles made of cold, hard steel. You can only drop them by removing all bubbles around them.

What are Rainbow Bubbles?
Rainbow Bubbles change their color to the color of neighboring bubbles popped beside them. These bubbles are useful for getting rid of a large amount of bubbles, so use them strategically!

What are Line Bombs?
When you shoot a bubble and hit a Line Bomb, all the bubbles in the same row and the one below it will drop.

What are Jellyfish?
Jellyfish are floating bubbles. They can only be dropped when they are left alone with no bubbles around them.

What is the Gift menu for?
Complete a mission and tap Reward, and your reward will be sent to your Gift Box. To accept your reward, tap Accept in the Gift Box menu. The Gift Box can hold up to 100 gifts for 7 days. Be sure to accept your gifts before they expire!

How is my rank determined?
Your rank is determined by the number of Crystal and Golden Conys you have earned. 1 Crystal Cony has the same value as 2 Golden Conys, so the more Crystal Conys you have, the higher your rank gets.

Why are the names of friends displayed on the Rankings screen different from address book?
The Rankings screen shows player nicknames registered to their LINE accounts, so their names may be different from those in your address book.

What is a Combo Bomb?
You can get the Combo Bomb when you pop bubbles 5 times in a row. It's a powerful bomb that destroys everything around it and is given every time you achieve 5 combos.

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