Sunday, April 26, 2015

PBA Slam! Guide - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

PBA Slam! Guide

Move the player using the virtual analog stick.
Tip: Out of bounds rule doesn't exist in this game.

Press and hold the shoot button. Time the release when the red marker is under or near the green marker.
Tip: It is easier to shoot successfully when the difficulty is at rookie level. You may practice your timing in rookie difficulty before playing with the veteran difficulty.
Tip: If you want to shoot successfully at three point distance specially in veteran difficulty, you should shoot with Point Guards and avoid shooting as a Center and make sure you are near at the three point line.

To dunk, tap and hold the shoot button while moving inside the free-throw.
Tip: Both Point Guard or Centers can dunk.

Tap the pass button to pass the ball. Perform an alley-oop by press the ball when your team mate is near or under the ring.
Tip: Practice alley-oop in rookies difficulty first.

Press the crossover button to do a crossover or spin move.
Tip: Perform crossover to avoid being stolen or to move near at the basket safely.

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