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Kingdoms Charge Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Kingdoms Charge Heroes Guide

Hero Introduction-Hyleoroi
Hero’s Position: Agility Hero, Back-row attacker.
Hero’s Stats: Starter Hero.
STR Growth: INT Growth: AGI Growth:
Hero’s Skills
1.Too Many Arrows: Unleash volleys of arrows into the air that will rain down on enemies.
2.Frost Arrow: Shoots a frost arrow at an enemy, dealing physical damage and decreasing its Attack Speed and movement speed.
3.Disruption: Shoots an arrow that prevents multiple enemies from using magic skills.
4.Empower: Hyleoroi unleashes an empowering aura, increasing your team’s Attack Power.
Hyleoroi is a hero who is able to attack and provide support. Stationed in the back row, she snipes enemies from afar with her bow. However, do not underestimate the power of her arrows; when unleashed, her skill, ‘Too Many Arrows’ is a devastating attack that damages all enemies. Don’t forget her Ultimate Grade skill; it increases the attack power of all team members, and makes Hyleoroi a valuable member of the team.

Hero Introduction-Asteria's Priestess
Hero’s Position: Intelligence Hero, Back-Row Support
Hero’s Skills:
1. Healing Breeze: Restore the HP of everyone on your team.
2. Thorny Spines: Unleash spines to pierce all enemies. Targets that are further away receives more damage.
3. Charm: Charm an enemy into attacking their own team mate.
4. Nature’s Blessing: Reduce physical DMG received.
St. Asteria’s role in a team is a support capable of healing multiple targets. Considering how she starts out as a 1 Star Hero, her initial stats are decent. At 2 Star, her INT Growth of 4.5 is above average while her STR Growth is considered low. Being a backline support, her low STR Growth should not pose too big an issue as long as she does not gets hit by AOE skills. Her ability to heal everyone on the team should fulfill the needs of any player seeking a healer.

Hero Introduction:Lancelot
Hero’s Position: Melee hero, front-row tank.
Hero’s Skills
1.Specter: Summon a charging specter that stuns enemies for a short time on hit.
2.Spectral Sword: Summon a spectral sword to attack enemies.
3.Blade Storm: Swing your blade, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies.
4.Righteous Call: Lancelot’s heart is filled with righteousness, increasing his Strength.
Lancelot is one of the first heroes that the player starts out with. An all-rounder, his intelligence, agility, strength and other stats are all relatively well-balanced. Stationed in the front row, he possesses admirable defense. His skill set is focused on dealing damage on the battlefield, helping to turn the tide in your favor. Lancelot is certainly a competent hero for your team.

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