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Battle Odyssey Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Battle Odyssey Guide

Elemental Guide
An Ally with a Sun Core will be strong against Moon.
An Ally with a Moon Core will be strong against Sun
An Ally with an Earth Core will be strong against the Sea, but weak against Fire.
An Ally with a Fire Core will be strong against Earth, but weak against the Sea.
An Ally with a Sea Core will be strong against Fire,  but weak against Earth.

Fire easily defeats Earth, while Earth overpowers the Sea. And the Sea can put out that Fire!
Sun and Moon restrain each other.

Gameplay Tips

  • Linking Orbs from different Elements requires Extra AP.
  • However, your AP can be restored if you defeat your attacker.
  • The counter highlighted above helps you anticipate your opponent's next attack.
  • Restore your health by linking the Heart Orbs.
  • Link six or more Orbs of the same type to create Fever Orb.
  • The Fever Orb links all matching Elemental Orbs within your reach.
  • To cancel an attack, slide your finger outside the Orb Zone.
  • Using Orbs against opponents with opposite Elemental Cores can change the outcome of a battle.

Other Useful Tips

  • "Finish all Daily Quests in a day " does not include the "Extra" daily reward.
  • You never know which opponent could turn up next Build a Crew using all the elements for the best battle results.
  • Enhance your Allies and build a strong Crew to combat the Entropy!
  • Link Hearts Orbs to heal yourself. The more you link, the more your HP is restored.
  • Ascending to higher levels improves your stamina and the variety of Allies you can use.
  • Not all Allies are made for battle. Fuse their Cores to strengthen other members of your Crew.
  • Learn the rules of the Elements if you want to make it in Pondera.
  • Maintain your AP if you want to finish a Quest. You never know when you're going to need to combine your forces.
  • Feel free to linger on an Ally's portrait in the "Ally List" to learn more about them.
  • Every Ally has its value. Check the "Crew Combo" list in the Options menu for new updates.
  • Choose the right Orbs to attack your opponents. Every Opponent has their own Elemental Core.

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