Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mini Racing Adventures Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Mini Racing Adventures Guide

Hold Throttle Button to move forward
Hold Broke Button to go backward
In Air Control: Hold Throttle Button to tilt backward
In Air Control: Hold Broke Button to tilt forward

Single Mode
Play Offline with no distractions, and beat
the distance record!

Ghost Mode
Play against your best race, will you become
the shadow or will your shadow chose you?

Battle Mode
Play against a challenging set of rivals one
harder than the next throughout each level

Live Multiplier Mode
Play live against a random player across the world. Supports cross-platform play between iOS & Android.

Play with a Friend Mode
Create a custom lobby to play with a friend

Watch Ads
Successfully watch ads and you will get 500 coins!

Facebook/Twitter Share
Posting Success! You will get 100 coins!

Mini Racing Adventures Cheats

Facebook/Twitter Share Cheat
Any of Facebook or Twitter account is a must.
Play any race mode until the race is finished (crashed)
Tap the "Share it to Facebook/Twitter".
Connect/Authorize Mini Racing Adventures to your Facebook or Twitter account.
Once Connected, you can press back until you go back to the race result.
You will get 100 coins even if you didn't post it in your Facebook/Twitter account.
Once you got the 100 coins, you can still share it and get another 100 coins by doing the same process.
To support the game, just share atleast once to any of your facebook or twitter accounts.

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