Monday, April 6, 2015

CivCrafter Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do you raid?
Raids become available after unlocking Battle Standard from the Battle menu and creating at least one troop.

How do I bury Corpses?
You will need both Open Graves and Clerics.

How can I stop my people from getting attacked by Wolves, Bandits, and Barbarians?
These enemy mobs will wreak havoc on your civilization if you have no troops in your army. Make sure you have soldiers, archers, knights, or dragons present to fight them.

How can I make a Wonder?
Wonders require the Architecture upgrade. Once you have begun progress on the wonder, you will create Labourers who will construct the Wonder out of all resources simultaneously.

How does the leveling system work?
Every tap gives you experience. Bulk unit purchases count as one tap, so the fastest way to level up is by tapping resourses or +1 units.
Each of these units require buildings that are unlocked through upgrades. The quickest way to get them is by unlocking Masonry and the upgrades that follow

My people are unhappy. Why did this happen, and how do I improve their mood?
Unburied Corpses, starvation, sickness, and not having enough Free Land are the most common causes of unhappiness. Make sure you have plenty of Food, that you are burying Corpses (this requires Graves as well as Clerics to bury the bodies), and that you aren't creating more buildings than you have Free Land. Once your people are unhappy, the best way to boost morale is by winning raids.

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