Monday, April 6, 2015

Ultimate Fantasy Guide Cheats - Rewards Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Crystals and Coins are Ultimate Fantasy currencies. When you first start playing the game, you might not feel like spending money on currencies yet, and that’s fine! The Ultimate Fantasy Team understands this and has made sure there are lots of different ways to earn free Crystals,Coins and other Rewards. Let’s check them out!

Newbie Gift
Dear users. from now on. claim your Deluxe Gift Pack for free via customer service email, Wechat Public ID or Skype Our customer service representative will offer you the Gift
Code. Claim the gift via “setting” —>” Gift”
Contact us:
Wechat Public ID: Ultimate Fantasy
Facebook Page: Ultimate Fantasy International
Skype:Ultimate Fantasy
Event Rewards:
500.000 GoId+ 10000 Stardust+ 500 Recruiting Tokens

Daily Login Gift
Event Detail:
Reward online gift pack by login of 12:00pm and 10:00pm(Time of activity based on UTC+8) everyday.
Online Gift [Energy*100. Crystal*30, Star of time*10]

5-Star Rate Gift
Dear users:
From now on in 1 week, you can have Super and Deluxe Gift by giving 5 star review on “Ultimate Fantasy - International" on Apple Store or Google Play. and send us the screenshots via Facebook or Wechat! the gift is available far one time on each character!
At least 15 words for review with you character and sever name. Only meet the requirement can you claim the gift!
Gold*8 million, Crystal*300, Energy*100. Soul Spar*30

Legion Rank Gift
Event Detail:
Obtain Reward by leveling up Legion Rank to speciļ¬c level! it enhances battle power. Legion Privilege and Reward!
Event Reward:
Lieutenant Rank: Gold*300k, Recruiting Token*500
Major Rank: Crystal* 100, Recruiting Token* 1000
Lieutenant Colonel Rank: Gold*500k. Crystal*100.
Colonel Rank: Gold*1 million. Crystal*100. Recruiting Token*3000
1.Claim the gift via the game “Activity”
2.Each reward could be claimed for once and unavailable it overdue.

Mighty Hero Gift
Event Detail: Recharge far Crystal and get super Heroes
Recharge Crystal*50000,win Hero, Athos
Recharge amount: Current crystals 0/Targeted crystals 50000

Daily 5000 Top-up Gift
Event Detail:
1)Daily recharge up to 300 Crystals can get reward for free [ lntraday gift is available for once]
Gold* 1 million
Recruiting Taken*500
Stars of Time*10
2)Daily recharge up to 500 Crystals can get reward for free [ lntraday gift is available for once]
Gold*2 million
Recruiting Token* 1000
Stars of time*20
3}Daily recharge up to 1000 Crystals can get reward for free [ lntraday gift is available for once]
Gold*3 million
Energy *40
Recruiting Token* 1500
Stars of Time*30

50000 Accumulated Top-up Gift
Event Detail:
Once our users meet the following requirements via recharge,you con claim gift at button "Activity" ! Each gift could be claimed for only once. including super items!

Tap the treasure icon to check items included.
Recharge amount: Current crystals O/Targeted crystals

Mastering Ultimate Fantasy doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. You and your friends can embark on this grand adventure for free! And if you ever need more Crystals, you can buy them in-game with a just few taps. Ultimate Fantasy packages even come with a bonus!

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