Monday, April 6, 2015

Infinity RPG Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Farming and Leveling
- All battles in the game proceed automatically. Even when you log off, the farming is still going on. All items looted will be delivered when you login next time.
- Offline farming lasts 24 hours at most. Gears will be automatically sort when your bag is full. You may set Auto—sell options in Settings.
- Each map has a Boss. Defeating it is a necessary step to proceed to the next map, where more Exp, Gold, and better gears can be looted. Classes
There are three classes in the game - warrior, hunter, and mage.
- Warriors equip sword and shield, and their main attribute is Strength.
- Hunters equip bow and quiver, and their main attribute is Dexterity.
- Mages equip staff and tome, and their main attribute is Intelligence.

You have altogether 10 slots for 10 different type of gears.
- Attributes attached to a gear include STR, DEX, INT, and STA. Different colored gears have varied number of attributes. And the detailed attribute figures are determined by gear level.
- Every artifact has an additional attribute, called Artifact Attribute.
- You may enhance gears to raise their main attributes.
- When resetting, the detailed figure of each attribute will change, while the total number of attributes will be almost the same.
- Transference allows the attribute(s) of an artifact transferred to a non-artifact.
- An artifact’s tier can be raised by devouring other artifacts.
- You may smelt unwanted gears for Smelt Pts and new gears.

- As you level up, you may learn many powerful skills that can be used in battle.
When you reach Lv.15, you will be allowed to bring one Hero into combat.
- Heroes‘ level will be the same as yours.
- Heroes can only equip chest, leggings, main-hand and off-hand weapons.
- Hero skills are unleashed in a random order.
- You may cultivate Heroes to raise their basic attributes.

- You may spend Gold or Gems to buy items offered on the Mall.
- There are 6 items sold on the Mall. Additional slots will be unlocked as your VIP level increases.
-When you buy all items on the Mall, new ones will show up and great chances are they wili be much better.

- You may challenge players ranking higher than you. If you win, you will switch place with the player you challenge; if not, you lose nothing.
- For each challenge, you are offered 3 players with higher ranks to choose from. If you do not want to duel with any of them, you may refresh to get another 3-man list.
- Rank rewards will be sent at 21 :00 Server Time each day based on the Arena ranking at that time.