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THE SOUL Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

THE SOUL Whirlwind of Silence by NHN entertainment Guide

Weapon of Choice: Twin Swords
When she was young, her parents were killed by bandits, but she was saved by a group of soldiers
who taught her the art of war.
After years of training and mastering the art of two swords, she travels the lands to save another
child from suffering her fate.
This character deals powerful consecutive attacks and is recommended for players who have some
experience with the game.

Weapon of Choice: Spear
Born to a humble family, he dreams of becoming a hero.
While proving his worth on the battlefield, he encounters a mysterious army of immortals who destroy his unit.
His own life is saved thanks to a Taoist priest. His pride is wounded
by his terrible defeat, and vows to return one day after becoming a hero. The priest teaches him ancient Taoist magic, and he sets out on a journey to find the souls of heroes who can help him defeat Zhang Jue.
This character is good for beginners with his high defense ability and easy controls.

Fever mode deals heavy damage to enemies for a short period oftime and leaves them bleeding for additional damage.

Are you having trouble progressing? Try upgrading your Equipment and Souls

You can exchange keys with friends once per day. Make sure you have lots of friends.

A Boss Raid is a battle where you join forces with your friends to defeat a powerful boss.

Once you have obtained the soul of a dead hero, you gain the ability to channel that hero's soul.

Zhang Jue has revived heroes from the Three Kingdoms period to control them

The arena is a place for users to compete against one another to find out who is the strongest.

Once your friend has found a Raid Boss, you will be able to join the fight to defeat that Raid Boss.

When a Soul reaches its maximum level, you can upgrade it by fusing it with other souls.

Huang Gai
Deals 105.0% damage to an enemy in front of you and drags them to your feet.

Ma Chao
The player leaps forward and attacks a group of enemies. 79.2% of your attack power + your combo points X 10.0% is dealt as damage

Xu Chu
Any enemies within a large radius receive 126.0% of your attack power as damage.

Wen Chou
Delivers two decisive upward cuts, dealing 123.0% damage. Whoever is hit with the second blow is thrown upwards.

Yan Liang
Swings a knife wildly and charges, dealing 78.0% damage

Zhang Liao
The player backs up and fires energy at enemies in front, dealing 105.0% damage.

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