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Galaxy Online 3 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Galaxy Online 3 Guide

What role does the Commander's level play? How do I level up quickly?
The higher the level of your Commander, the more your Capital building can be upgraded. As you upgrade your Capital, you can unlock more buildings and upgrades. You'll also be able to construct new buildings, upgrade existing buildings.

How do I get more resources quickly?
You can upgrade your resource production buildings to improve their production rates, as well as research related Sciences. You can also run Missions, lay Siege on other players to steal their resources, or simply buy resources from the Mall using Space Bux.

What are the types of Captains out there? How do I hire them?
Captains are split into several Classes: Veteran, Elite, Legendary, and Mythic. You can hire Captains from the Academy, generate them using Relics, or hire them from the Mall using Medals.

How do I decide which Captain to use? How do I raise the Captain's level and their Rank?
Your fleet will determine which type of Captain is the most suitable. For example: A "Guardian" type Captain with defense-oriented abilities would pair best with a fleet that functions as a "tank."
Captains can earn Experience Points (EXP) from completing |\/|issions,laying siege in battles, occupying resource planets, and defending bases against Corsairs. You can promote Captains and increase their Ranks by consuming Star Shards earned by converting duplicate Captains, generating them with Relics, or winning them from Galactic Gifts and Log-in rewards. You can also earn Star Shards by completing Elite Missions. Captains' primary attributes can also be increased by inlaying them with Gems.

How do I get Designs for ship frameworks and modules?
You can earn Designs at random by completing Missions and undertaking Exploration Events. You can also buy them from the Black Market and the Mall using Honor or Medals.

How do I go about manufacturing ships and assembling fleets?
To manufacture ships, enter the Ship Factory and select the ships you wish to build. Producing them will consume a certain amount of Gold, Metal, and Plutonium. It will take some time to complete.
To assemble a fleet, tap "Fleets" on the main interface to enter the "All Fleets" interfac e. Tap any fleet icon to begin assembling or modifying a fleet.

What are the main functions of the buildings on my planet?
1) Capital: Control the construction and upgrade limits of other buildings.
2) Guild Office: Create or join a Guild and access Guild features.
3) Science Institute: Research new Sciences and increase research speeds.
4) Academy: Hire and Generate Captains or buy items using Relics.
5) Trade Center: Buy high-value items from the Black Market or buy Plutonium and Metal using Gold.
6) Ship Factory: Manufacture war ships for battle.
7) Research Facility: Research new technology, upgrade existing technology, and discover new blueprints.
8) Hangar: Repair destroyed ships or scrap ships in exchange for resources.
9) Radar: Scan surroundings for resource-rich player bases which you can lay Siege to and raid for resources.

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