Thursday, January 1, 2015

Puzzle Forge 2 Cheats Coins: Guide, Tips & Strategy for Android/iPhone Game

Puzzle Forge 2 Guide

* Buy the weapons rack upgrade asap, it's a lifesaver
* Give customers weapons of higher grade to up their satisfaction so they give you better gifts
* Whenever you have free turns craft a silver or gold weapon to save for later
* Place multiple gems around a craft to get a higher single gem in the end, e.g. two silvers combine to become netherium
* Sink magic into higher ores to get really high output enchantments
* Forge beside frozen tiles to thaw them
* Buy a lot of iron, it can be used to combine ores in tricky positions
* Comboing into weapons can be useful but also very quickly clutters up your board if you have low storage

* Recognize your customers from the overview screen when they are standing in queue and have a guess at what kind of weapon they might ask for. They only ask for a set type of weapons. For example, Moonshade likes claws and twin blades, so have two blade molds ready when you see her as your next customer. This will help you make good use of molds in the queue that are not needed for the current three customers. It will also help to know when you are getting the kingdom guards since they have no timer and can be used to get rid of your trash as well as use the free time to set up golden ingots.

* Don't be in a hurry to dump all the weapons already on the board into your storage. Weapons that go onto the rack cannot be improved with enchanting or gem powders. Always try to forge weapons at the edges or corners to minimize the loss of space from leaving weapons on the board.

* Know which consumable items are more important, such as gem molds and gem powders. They will be life savers in the late game. Similarly, don't hesitate to buy all the types of molds available when there is a sale in the shop. Having molds in your inventory gives you a lot of flexibility in managing your board.

Puzzle Forge 2 Cheats

Use any hex editor apps that are available for android/iPad/iPhone and change the value of HEX Dword to any amount you want.

Coins HEX d3 3f 54 ff Dword

If the codes doesn't work, it is possible that your android/iOS version is not compatible with the code I provided above.

Fortunately you can do it manually! To do it manually, just use search function in your hex editor app, enter your current Coins value in Puzzle Forge 2 and search for it (choose DWORD) .

If you see a small list of results, example 10. Just edit the value of them one by one until you can find the real HEX!

If you see a large list of results, you need to change the value of current Coins value in Puzzle Forge 2 by either consuming them or adding them. Go back to the list and find your new current Coins value in Puzzle Forge 2 to the large list and finally you can edit the value.

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