Saturday, December 27, 2014

Real Cricket English T20 Blast Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Real Cricket English T20 Blast Guide

allows users to easily select the direction in which he would like to hit the bail. When the bowler starts his run-up, the user needs to hold (dynamic) or move (static) the joystick towards the direction he wishes to hit the ball. The Virtual D-Pad can be set to dynamic or static, this can be toggled by accessing settings.

This displays how well you have timed your shot Perfect Timing usually gets you the best results!

allow users to execute the kind of shot they would like to hit. When the ball is in the “hitting” area, the user needs to tap his desired shot button. The “timing” of this execution is crucial, so as to get the best resuit for his chosen shot.Pitch Cursor

Mini Field View - Indicates the current field setting. To change the field setting, tap on the mini field view

Virtual D-Pad - allows users to move and place the ball cursor to a desired position

Movement Meter
Indicates the swing / spin that would added to the ball

Speed Meter — Indicates the speed at which the ball would be bowled.

OK button - use this button to confirm the various elements required to bowl such as bat! cursor position speed and movement

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