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Midnight Cinderella: Ikemen Royal Romances Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Midnight Cinderella: Otome Game Guide

Reading the Story
Tap "Continue Romance" to begin a new chapter and move your romantic odyssey forward.

Two Trails to Trek
Your journey will diverge into two paths upon reaching a certain point. The tale henceforth features an identical number of parts for either route, showing you distinctly different sides of your companion. Expand your romantic horizons by playing both, and look forward to the unique array of attire they feature.

Multiple Endings
As explained, you choose your own path as the princess, and hence your own ending.
There are three possible conclusions—comprised of the standard story routes of Sugar and Honey, plus the super special Secret ending.
This secret finale can be unlocked only by fulfilling hidden criteria.
But rest assured, all are harmonious and happy outcomes, so try to find every last one!

As you progress, challenges known as Royal Challenges will crop up to assess your sovereign savvy.
There are two types of challenges - both rewarding success with splendid prizes.
Challenges evaluating grace require you raise the parameter past a certain margin, compensating your efforts with clothing or accessories, courtesy of your suitor.

Challenges focusing on attire require you procure specific attire from the boutique, of either normal or premium variety.
Though buying either treats you to a bonus side story, the latter unlocks one of comparatively sweeter subject matter.

Saving the Story
Although you will not be able to skip back to individual parts of the story, your current progress is always automatically saved.
Chapter Ticket
A Tale of Tickets
Each chapter of the story can be read in exchange for a single chapter ticket.

How Can I Find More?
Using all your tickets means a slight hiatus in your Wysterian wayfaring. But fear not—they will be fully replenished come 5 a.m. PST the next morning. Additional tickets can also be purchased from the Item Shop if you would rather skip the wait.

How Many Can I Hold?
You can only ever hold a maximum of 5 chapter ticket at once.
Princess Lessons
What Are They?
Princess Lessons are taken with another princess such as yourself—one you will have to triumph against in the classroom. Choose a rival player and then one of the characters from the main game to oversee your lesson. Scoring an "Excellent" will significantly boost your grace,
a parameter integral to story progression—so staying on top of your studies is highly encouraged.

Every lesson attempted consumes 20 stamina points (out a maximum of 100 stamina points).

Prize for Excellence
Receiving 5 consecutive "Excellent" ratings will garner a prize for excellence
—amplifying the amount of grace and bells received by an even larger factor.
Your instructor will also shower you with kudos to top it off.

A Limit to Lessons
Stamina is required to take lessons, so depleting it will bring your studies to a temporary standstill. Though stamina recovers naturally at a rate of 1 point every 3 minutes, the Item Shop is stocked with delectables that can instantly replenish your stamina.
Stamina in Review
A Finite Fuel
Stamina is the energy required to attempt Princess Lessons.
It has a maximum threshold of 100, with each lesson consuming 20 points.

Recovering Stamina
While not hitting the books, your stamina will recover at a rate of 1 point per 3-minute interval. For a snappier alternative, the Item Shop is stocked with confectionary treats that instantly restore your stamina.
Raising Grace
Acing a princess lessons raises grace, a parameter fundamental to furthering the story. Maintain a diligent regimen of lessons to stay steadfast on the path to princesshood.

Beating the Game
After beating the game, starting a new suitor's story line will revert your grace to its value at the conclusion of the prologue (when first selecting a companion to court).

Total Grace
Though your current in-game grace resets with each new suitor attempted, your total grace amassed across story lines will be kept on record as well.
Managing Money
Your Balance (Bells)
Any money earned is added to your balance of bells, used to purchase attire and other items for assisting romantic endeavors.

Ways to Earn Bells
- Greet friends.
- Collect daily login bonuses.
- Take Princess Lessons.
Greeting Friends
The Friendly Shall Flourish
Jump to the "Friends" page to see a list of the princesses you have forged friendships with. From there, it is possible to send a greeting or warm letter to earn bells.

Royal Status
You can pen a royal status for other princesses to read, letting everyone know how much you love your prince, or just briefly greeting the world.
Cementing an amicable impression will help you develop your circle of friends. Jump to "Game Stats" to edit your royal status.

* Important
Your royal status will be made available to the public, necessitating it be composed with the appropriate level of decorum. Please ensure it adheres to the guidelines below and is fit for general viewing. Failure to comply may result in its deletion without prior notice.

Prohibited Content
- Personally identifiable information.
- Slander, smearing, and such remarks of a disparaging nature.
- Other expressions that can be deemed morally or societally injurious.
Beauty at a Glance
You will see that every accessory and article of clothing has a unique "beauty" statistic, each counting towards your overarching "total beauty".
This is a parameter weighed when attempting princess lessons.

Gaining Beauty
Furnishing your closet with choice apparel is the best way to boost beauty. Outfits with a steep price tag may require a bit of initial work to acquire, but rest assured the results will be proportionately beautiful.
Your Closet
Finding the Door
Your closet is the place where clothing, accessories, and room decor are saved. You can check the contents of your closet by tapping "Avatar" on the Home page.

Closet Capacity
Your closet can initially store a maximum of 15 articles. Once it reaches capacity, you can solve your closet conundrum by discarding something or buying extra space at the Item Shop.
It would be a shame to part with the cherished gifts and hard-earned purchases you've accumulated.

My Closet Isn't Getting Bigger...
If you purchased more closet space, navigate to Items Held and use it.
* Your extra closet space will not be applied otherwise.
The Garden Gacha
Playing the Garden Gacha
This game is all about collecting pieces that form a debonair shot of your suitor. Pieces span various types and are picked at random, with certain rarities awarding you a special prize. The game can be attempted free of charge once daily. Those who wish to play more will have to part with 200 garden gacha points per additional play.
New Garden Gachas are unlocked in accordance with story progress. In addition to normal pieces, there are three "prize pieces" included in each separate garden gacha sheet.

Prizes for Pieces
Puzzle pieces belong to one of four possible tiers: normal, uncommon, rare, and super rare.
Pieces of the last three tiers are collectively termed "prize pieces," as drawing them from the pile results in exclusive rewards, ranging from suitor figures and other garden knickknacks, to bonus side stories narrated from your sweetheart's perspective.

Drawing Duplicates
Copies of pieces you've previously pulled from the pile can be sold off for extra bells.
Garden Storage
Garden Storage
Decorative baubles for your garden won from the Garden Gacha are automatically sent to your garden storage.
Initially, you will have room for up to 10 objects.
Their beauty is added onto that of the articles in your closet—thus deriving total beauty.

Selecting a Suitor Avatar
If you manage to win a miniature rendering of your Prince Charming, you can meet him in your garden. Do this by tapping the "Change" button at the garden storage screen.

* The suitor sharing your garden doesn't necessarily have to be the one you are currently courting in the main story. Placing a particular figure, however, requires you first win it through the Puzzle Game.
Love Letters
Landing a rare puzzle piece or participating in periodic events will reward you with a love letter from your special prince.
Visit your Mailbox to read these as many times as you like.
From time to time, letters may also come complemented with a gift.
Simply read the letter to have its gift forwarded to the Present Box.
Gifts for unread letters cannot be claimed, so make sure to stay up to date with your correspondence.
Fashion Grab Bag
Grab Bag Tokens
The Fashion Grab Bag is an event allowing avid fashionistas to try for exclusive attire. Participants must use grab bag tokens (not garden gacha points), which can be purchased via the item shop. Drawing a rare item might secure you a lofty spot in the rankings...
Saving and Quitting
Saving is Automatic
Reading the story automatically saves your progress at each new chapter.
* All game progress is stored online. Interruptions during the save process due to loss of signal strength, manual powering down of your device, etc., may cause your data to become improperly saved.

How to Quit
As explained, you need not worry about saving manually. Once you've read enough for the day, you are free to navigate away from the current page, close the app, or simply leave it to pick up later. .

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