Saturday, December 27, 2014

City Racing 3D Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

City Racing 3D Guide

Select Control mode
There are two controls:Tilt or Touch. You can switch control in Setting

Throttle automatically, tilting to control left/ right.

Throttle automatically, touch the button to control left/ right.

Switch camera mode in setting, or click the button in the right-top of the game UI.

If car is stuck, click reset button in the right-top of the game UI to reset.

Click the Nos button to accelerate. Click once to open it, and click the second time to use 2nd level Nos. 2nd level Nos acc more. Click brake button to close Nos.

Get Nos
3 methods to get Nos: 1.Nos item on the road. 2.Drift. 3:Get tilt.

Click the Brake button to brake or Reverse.

Brake while steering to drift.

Car condition and repair
Car will be damaged after\every event. When condition come to zero, the car can t join an event. You must repair them to get them back to event.

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