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Liverpool FC Fantasy Manager 2015 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Liverpool FC Fantasy Manager 15 Guide

1.1 What is Fantasy Manager?

Liverpool FC Fantasy Manager is a game in which you can manage all aspects of a football club and demonstrate everything you know about football.

1.2 First steps

Once signed into the game, the Board of Directors of your team provides you with your first necessary resources: cash, coins and a player roster.

As of that moment, the destiny of your team is in your hands.

NOTE: If you participated in the previous version of Fantasy Manager, you will get extra players, cash and coins at the start of this season.

1.3 Players

The players are the most important part of your team. Take care about them and line up the best starting 11 at any moment.

The feature that makes  Liverpool FC Fantasy Manager a unique game is that players' skills in the game depends on their performance in the real life (Fantasy Points).

Real life competitions are taken into account for the update of the players' fantasy points. These are the national league competitions in which the players are performing. The competitions that are not taken into account are the Cup competitions (Copa del Rey, FA Cup, Coppa Italia, etc.) or other types of national competitions which are not part of the league.

The other competitions that are taken into account for the update of fantasy points are those in the Uefa Champions League, Uefa Europa League and Copa Libertadores.

It is possible that on special occasions (World Cup, Euro Cup, etc.) fantasy points will be updated according to the results in these competitions. In this case, the users will be informed in advance.

In the event that a real life match results in a draw and, successively in penalty kicks, the points will be updated considering only the draw. The penalty rounds will not count in the fantasy points updates.

In the event that a franchisee club (teams whose players have a photo in the game) signs a player who, at the time, is not included in the game, the player will be added to the appropriate team and assigned an approximate value (Fantasy points) according to their value in real life.

When a player, who belongs to a team which is present in the game, is traded to another team which is not in the game, said player will be in the market with NO TEAM and his fantasy points will no longer update. If this player already has a photo, it will be removed and he will be be left in gray.

1.4 What are Fantasy Points?

Fantasy Points are the skill points that any player receives after each game played in the real life.

The statistics taken into account are as follows:

Game played (starter or substitute)
Win, loss or draw
Goal scored
Receive 0 goals
Receive 3+ goals
The sum of all statistics give your players Fantasy Points in the game. These Fantasy Points are maintained until their team plays the next match.

The Fantasy Points are updated at 12:00 (GMT+1) the day after the match is played (from Monday to Friday)

NOTE: You will need to keep in mind that if the match is an international competition (Champions, Europa League or Copa Libertadores), these points will be increased. For more information, you can check out the section "More -> Fantasy Points".

1.5 Player Value

All of the players have a Player Value which will show how well they are doing in that moment. This value is formed as follows:

Fantasy Points of the player
Level bonus (improvement)
Condition bonus (training)
Power up bonus
The total sum of the PLAYER VALUE of the top 11 players in your lineup will make up your TEAM VALUE.

1.6 Cash

Cash is one of the two virtual currencies in the game. It will allow you to sign new players, buy items in the store, etc.

You can earn cash in the following ways:

Winning games
League prize
Tournament prize
Daily Bonus
You can also buy additional cash in the store.
Other managers can take amounts of cash even larger than your available budget (outside the bank). In these cases, the defeated user will be left with a negative budget. Please remember that, if you have a negative balance, you will not be able to gain neither experience nor receive more challenges from other managers.

1.7 Coins

Coins are the other virtual currency in the game. These will allow you to sign new players, buy items in the store as well as strengthen your team.

You can earn coins in the following ways:

Level-up bonus
Daily Bonus
League prize
Tournament prize
Special promotions
You can also buy additional coins in the store.

2.1 Play game

The fastest way to gain experience is by playing games. You use 10 energy points for each challenge launched to other managers and your starting players lose 5 points of their physical condition.

The Team Value is an important value that influences the result of the matches.

For each winning challenge launched by you, you take money from your rival (up to a maximum of 100.000 depending on the total budget he has in that moment) and you also gain experience points.

If the match results in a draw, you will not win any money and you gain less points of experience.

If the match results in a loss, you don't win neither money nor experience, but you will lose a portion of your available cash.

2.2 Free Agents

Perhaps this is the most important aspect of the game. Keep checking back to the Free Agents list as you can always find players on sale.


There are 20 players in the auction at all times. The starting price for all auctions is 40% of the player's market value.

The fee of each bid is 1 coin. When another manager exceeds your bid, you will receive the cash you spent to bid on the player back into your account

When the auction countdown ends, the manager who has the highest bid at that moment will win the player.

If you want to have the player at all cost, you can use the "Sign Now" option and the player will immediately join your team.

Limited Editions

From time to time some players are sold as limited edition. These players will be available for a limited time or with limited units.

Limited edition players are usually the best of the day so they usually have high skill score. They will help your team significantly!

Limited edition players also always have a lower price! Pay attention and make the most of these bargains!

Release players

Your team can have a maximum of 30 players in your roster. If you reach this limit and you want to sign new players, you can release some players in order to make room for the new ones.

You can do it in the section "More -> Team Info". Releasing a player does not penalize your team in any way.

2.3 League

The league is the authentic competition of the game. Once your team reaches level 7, you will join the Fantasy Manager League.

Your goal is to reach the 1st division, where the best Liverpool FC Fantasy Manager managers play.

Your team will play 1 match every 8 hours. These matches are played automatically. This way you won't use up any of your energy on them.

Your role is to get your team ready so that, when it's time to play, you have the best TEAM VALUE possible.

[COMING SOON] You will begin competing in the lowest division, but if you feel that you're able to compete with the best from the first moment, keep your eyes open because once a league has ended, you can purchase a vacancy spot for higher divisions.

The League prizes depend on which division you are in. The higher the division, the better the prizes.

Remember that you have 16 hours before the end of the next season (00h-16h +GMT) to purchase vacancies and 1 week to collect the prize you won according to your position in the league.

Any manager who goes 15 days without accessing the game will drop to the 5th division.

*Notice: If, due to technical issues, some of the league matches do not process correctly, those matches will be canceled.

2.4 Tournaments

Complete all the tournaments and get your team the fame that it deserves.

They are divided into packs and you'll need to complete all tournaments in each pack in order to reach the finals.

The tournaments consist of a series of matches that you must win in order to finish within the top 3 positions. If you can do it, you will be able to join the next tournament.

Each tournament has a unique reward that will help improve your Team Value!

Keep in mind that any unlocked tournament will be harder than the previous one.

How far will you be able to lead your team?

3.1 Lineup

Here you can see which players will be playing in your matches. The available lineups are:


Depending on the players and the power ups that you have, you must choose one of the above lineups.

While choosing your lineup you'll see your Team Value change. This can be very helpful in order to be sure that you have the best team on the pitch.

Recommended lineup

This option allows you to line up your players within seconds. The system sets up a 1-4-4-2 lineup with the players on your team who have the highest score.

Remember that it's also possible that you could have a higher Team Value using one of the other available lineups.

3.2 Training

The fitness level (FL) of your players is important when playing matches. The better the FL, the higher the Player Value your players will have. The bonus is as follows:

Less than 30 FL -> -10% on his Player Value
From 30 to 59 FL -> No bonus/penalization
From 60 to 94 FL -> +10% on his Player Value
From 95 to 100 FL -> +20% on his Player Value
You must train your players to improve their fitness level. While they are training, each player will recover 1 fitness point for every minute that goes by.

Your players lose their fitness level after each match (only starters). The loss of fitness level per game is:

5 points in league matches.
5 points in challenges launched by you.
2 points in challenges launched by other managers.
Sports Drinks

If you don't want to train your players to make them recover their fitness level after each match, you can buy sports drinks in the store. These will help maintain their fitness level for more matches.

You use 1 sports drink for each match played and your players WON'T lose their fitness level.

3.3 Improve players

Do you already have all the players that you wanted on your team? Your job doesn`t end here! Keep on improving your Team Value. Level up your best players and watch how the strength of your team grows to make your team unstoppable!

For each level to which you increase your players, their value will be multiplied!. The Player Values will increase in the following way:

Level 1 -> No improvement
From level 2 to 19 -> +5% per level
From level 2 to 50 -> +10% per level

A Manager signed the forward, Rooney (ManU), to his team. Rooney had a good performance in his latest match, receiving 100 Fantasy Points for that match. Depending on his level he'll receive:

At level 1: No bonus, 100 PLAYER VALUE
At level 10: 5% bonus per level, total of 45% bonus, 145 PLAYER VALUE.
At level 20: 5% bonus per level, total of 100% bonus, 200 PLAYER VALUE.
At level 30: 5% bonus per level until level 20 and 10% per level starting from level 20, total of 200% bonus, 300 PLAYER VALUE
At level 40: 5% bonus per level until level 20 and 10% per level starting from level 20, total of 300% bonus, 400 PLAYER VALUE
At level 50 (maximum): 5% bonus per level until level 20 and 10% per level starting from level 20, total of 400% bonus, 500 PLAYER VALUE
3.4 Hire employees

A good manager needs to be surrounded by efficient employees in order to lead the team well. The first employee that you have is the Assistant Coach.

This employee allows you to train and improve more players at the same time. Furthermore, when you hire a better Assistant Coach, you'll be able to increase your players to higher levels.

The benefits of each "Assistant Coach" are:

Level 1: 2 training slots, 1 improvement slot and your players can rise to level 5
Level 2: 3 training slots, 1 improvement slot and your players can rise to level 9
Level 3: 3 training slots, 2 improvement slot and your players can rise to level 19
Level 4: 4 training slots, 2 improvement slot and your players can rise to level 29
Level 5: 4 training slots, 3 improvement slot and your players can rise to level 39
Level 6 (maximum): 5 training slots, 3 improvement slot and your players can rise to level 50

4.1 Bank

The bank is the best place to keep your money safe. In challenges, other managers can take a portion of your cash after defeating your team. The purpose of the bank is to minimize these losses

In the bank you will be able to do the following:

Deposit cash: This operation charges a 10% commission on the amount deposited.
Withdraw cash: This operation does not charge any commission.
Remember that the bank has limited storage so manage your cash well both inside and outside of the bank. Avoid leaving large amounts of money outside of the bank because this may attract other managers who'll want to challenge you and take part of your money.

4.2 Fans

Get as many fans as possible. You can do this in the Franchise section by sending invitations with your fan code to your Facebook friends.

You earn 100,000 cash for each fan added to your team. Also, you can get special prizes when you get a certain amount:

5 fans: 10 coins
25 fans: 25 coins
50 fans: Exclusive Power ups
100 fans: 50 coins
300 fans: Exclusive Power ups

5.1 General

If you need an extra bonus for your team, you can get it in the Store. There you can:

Recharge energy
Buy sports drinks
Buy coins
Buy cash
Remember that there are always limited editions (not players) available in the store as well.

5.2 Power ups

Power ups can improve the Player Value of your players. Some power ups only affect certain positions, such as goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders or forwards, and some affect the entire team.

Each power up has a certain quantity (number of matches), which will decrease after each regular match, tournament or league match played. This number does not decrease if other managers challenges you.

You can buy more of each power up (available for more matches) whenever you want in the store. When the power ups run out (no longer available), they will be removed from your team info and they will no longer provide any bonus to your players.

6.1 Team file

In this section you can see all of the information relevant to your team. Here you can see:

Your name, level and league division
Available cash and money in the bank
Your Team Value
The amount of available sports drinks
List of all players on your team
List of all power ups helping your team
Also, when you tap the name of another manager in any part of the game, you can see his or her team info. Here you can see:

His or her name, level and league division
Available cash
List of his or her players
Button to challenge the manager
6.2 My Account

Here you can find all of the general information about your account. Here you can see:

Your manager name
Your manager ID (identifier)
Your country
Language selected in the game which can be changed at any time
Other interesting links
NEW!: Now you can set which notifications you wish to receive in the game so that you can be aware of anything you feel is important for your team.

6.3 Daily Bonus

Enter the game day by day to receive amazing prizes. The more days in a row you enter, the better the prizes. The prizes you can get are as follows:

Sports Drinks
Power ups
Enter day by day to take advantage and fight to be the best manager.

6.4 Ranking

Compare your scores and achievements with other managers through Game Center (iOS) and Google Play Services (Android) and see who has the most progress for their team.

This ranking is sorted by experience points.