Saturday, November 29, 2014

One More Line Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Protip #1 Touch the screen
It's very tempting to not touch the screen until you see the danger but you won't have time to react for that. So you should touch the screen a lot!

Protip #2 Split second release
The way if you don't aim well, it will lead you into something and stay alive. The shorter the release the better. This is the biggest tip to make the game easier until you are comfortable with it.

Protip #3 Aim for midpoint.
A good rule of a thumb is to let go halfway between the current node and the next one. In this way it's jump straight to the other.

Protip #4  Ideal loop radius
Small loops can be too fast to aim well. Try to aim at the sweet spots in between.

Protip #5 Grab same node again
.Just do the Split Second release and you will end up in the same node but the spin will be more slower.

Protip #6 Watch the dotted line
Watch the dotted line for collision, be prepared and let go and proceed to the other node to avoid collision.

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