Sunday, November 30, 2014

Virtual Beggar Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Multiplier Upgrade increases your maximum multiplier, which affects every coin value you throw.

Mighty Toss
Mighty Toss Upgrade increases your chances to get the might toss. If you throw several coins in a row, you may get a mighty toss, where multiply coins are thrown in the air.

Coin Per Min Upgrades
Coin Per Min Upgrades boosts your passive income which you receive when you're playing.

Rush Hour
During rush hour lots of people move around the streets. Big chance chance to get some nice loot.

Coin Cannon
You can shoot coins rapidly to the beggar by tapping and holding the screen.

Your workers start to work harder and it means more profit for you.

XP Boost
Workers get more experience from assignments than normally. Affects also for the Beggar's XP.

Workers have their own rooms (offices), where they can be sent to work at.
They'll get their work done even if you're away from this game.

Every worker has three unique assignments depending on his/her profession, first unlocked once you hire the worker. You can unlock the second assignment when the worker reaches level 3 and the last assignment at level 8.

Leveling up worker also gives +5% increase of the profit they make.

There are two ways to train your workers:
1. Working the assignments (slow)
2. Studying at library (fast but expensive)

Sometimes workers get tired and they need some time to recover.

Worker's endurance has a huge effect on this. When lazy workers need rest really often, Tireless workers never get tired.

Worker endurance affects the money they make and the time spent on every assignment. High endurance workers are happier to come back to work. They'll run to the office. Nevertheless workers with higher endurance take more time to train.

At worker level 10 there's an endurance upgrade available.

Beggar's Place
Go to beggar's place to start begging money. There you can also throw coins to the beggar and visit the shop.

Working View
You can expand your business in the work view by buying new rooms and floors. You can also hire and manage your workers.

You can train your workers in the library.

Clothes Store
Navigate to the clothes store from main menu. You can buy new clothes in the clothes store. You can also wear clothes you already have.

Play every day to receive a daily reward.

Play up to 6 days in a row to receive even better rewards.

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