Friday, November 28, 2014

Human Harvest Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Upgrade Guide for Human Harvest

Human Probing: Increases the value of a human.
When you level up human probing, all living creatures and that includes cows increases their capture value. This is the most important upgrade when you are actively playing the game. Upgrade this as soon as possible, only stop when the cost is greater than the "Ship Development".

Increase Armada: Collect humans over time.
This upgrade is the least important in the game. It acts as your passive income but the passive income is very low compared to Human Probing with the same upgrade cost. Do not upgrade this if you plan to play actively.

Ship Development:Increase the Efficiency.
Upgrade this whenever the cost is equal or lesser than Human Probing. It's benefits will increase your income potential. It is like your amplifier in Human Probing. Every level gives you different benefits.

It is better to play the game without internet connection. Ads in the game will appear immediately and will distract your gameplay. Turning the internet connection off is a better choice.

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