Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day of the Viking Guide Cheats - Skill Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Upgrades Priority Guide (Inorder)

  • Arrows: Your arrows will fly longer.
  • Archer Soldiers: Adds an archer to your garrison.
  • Slingshot Range: Your rocks will fly longer.
  • Slingshot Operators: Adds a slingshot operator to your garrison.
  • Runners: Adds a runner to your garrison.
  • Architect: Stronger walls for your fortress.
  • Additional Booster slot.
Your main weapon are your arrows so make it your upgrade priority than other upgrades.
Offense upgrades first before others. You don't need Architect upgrade if you have a high level upgrade of arrows and slingshots.

Booster Guide
Boosters are just a waste of coins for real! Upgrades lasts forever while boosters lasts only per usage. Why not use your spare coins for upgrades :)
Projectiles Guide
Only improve your projectiles if you current upgrades are powerful enough for your current stages or levels.
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