Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Super Glyph Quest Guide Cheats - Reversal Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Spells are cast by combining Glyphs of the same Element together.

Dragging your finger between Glyphs link them in a spell. Release your finger to cast the spell.

In time, you'll be able to cast longer, more powerful spells.

Casting 2 or more spells of the same element in a row increases your chain and does bonus damage.

Being able to increase and maintain your chai is crucial to your success as a magus.

To target a specific enemy, tap the area above the target's health bar.

Each element has an Opposite Element: Air/Earth, Fire/Water and Metal/Primal.

Opposites must not be combines in the same spell - doing so will cause backfire.

If you are already in a chain, casting a spell of the opposite element will cause a reversal.

Performing a reversal will reduce the value of your chain but produces high output damage that can instantly kill an enemy.

Items are very useful - from potions to restore valuable health to simple bandages that can stop bleeding.

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