Monday, September 8, 2014

Weapons Throwing RPG Guides Cheats - BP Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

  • Each time to attack, you spend some BP (battle point).
  • BP recovers automatically.
  • BP points spending is indicated beside each weapon.
  • The weapons have thee orbits.
  • The weapons will be damaged if they hit on the same orbit.
  • The weapons have durability and the lower ones will be destroyed.
  • If they have the same durability they will be both destroyed.
  • Always choose your weapons depending on the situation.
  • You can get gold and experience points by defeating enemies.
  • After a number of attacks, the weapon level will raise.
  • Each time your weapons level up, they will earn Durability, BP consumption will reduce, Offensive power will increase.
  • Also, you can use secret weapons at level 5 and mystery weapons at level 9.
  • There are different statuses depending on the characters.
  • Experience level will rise by saving JP (job points).
  • JP will increase the number of enemies you defeat. However, JP will not increase in the case of weak enemies (level 10 and below).
  • You can get the prize by how many you win.
  • Action power are not consumed at the arena.
  • You can take the challenge as many times as you want without spending action power.

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