Monday, September 8, 2014

War of Warlocks Guides Cheats - Morph Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to Enhance?
Raise parameters of your spells with enhancement ritual.
Enhance raises the spell level and adds to its attack and defense. Enhance costs gold and sacrifices other spells. The more rare the enhanced spell is, the higher level it can get.
Touch the field in the middle of the altar to add the spell you want to enhance.
Touch the other fields (up to 6) to add the spells you want to sacrifice.
Confirm your choice touching Do it button and let the ritual commence.

How to Morph?
Morphing requires two copies of the same spell.
Each spell can be morphed up to four times.
Stars show how many morphs have been performed already. Each ritual costs gold.
The spell in the left will be upgraded.
The spell in the right will pass its parameters to other spell and then will be sacrificed.
The spell in the right must have no more stars then the upgraded spell.
The sacrificed spell will pass 5% of its attack and defense to the other spell. If the sacrificed spell has the maximum level, it will pass 10% of its parameters.
When you are ready to commence the ritual, touch do it button and watch the results.

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